Movie List 2014: 1-3



I’d just like to make it known that I keep a list of all the movies I’ve seen during a year, and yes I do count watching a movie multiple times because I tend to do that often, even in theatres. I don’t think of myself as a lengthly or harsh movie reviewer, but I like to give a few thoughts on each movie I watch in case anyone else wanted to watch it, but needed the extra encouragement to watch it, or not watch it. So for these posts, I’ll wait until I watch 3 movies, and then give a quick review of each and give a rating out of 100. I really hate giving movies lower scores, but I’m going to try and be as honest as possible this year.

› 1. Crazy, Stupid, Love. — I haven’t watched this movie since it was first released, but was hoping I’d love it just as much as I did before. First of all, Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling are perfection, and I could have been sold on this movie if it was just based around their storyline. Every other actor was great as well, but Ryan and Emma stole the show. The scenes between Ryan Gosling and Steve Carell are also a strong point of this movie. Hilarious movie, and sweet. Extra points for somehow making a reference to Dirty Dancing. 87/100

› 2. This Means War — I first saw the movie in the last few days of 2013, and instantly found a liking to it. A movie that can involve some action with comedy is usually a hit for me, and when you add in a bit of romance, it’s a triple threat. I recommended it to my parents and ended up watching it with them at the start of the year. I can see myself watching this one a few more times this year already. Also, a bonus for finally making me see what all the hype around Tom Hardy is about. 85/100

› 3. Safe Haven — This was my first time watching this movie. It’s one of those movies that is constantly getting bad ratings from people, so I kept putting off watching it. But when I finally decided to watch it with low expectations, I was actually surprised with this movie. I had spoiled the story for myself when I read a newspaper review of it when it was first released, so there were no real surprises in the movie for me. In comparison to other John Spark’s based movies I’ve seen, this one finds itself in the middle of the list in my opinion. I’m a fan of both leads in this movie, and that’s probably what kept me interested from start to finish. Also, this movie made me fall in love with the song “Heart’s Content” by Brandi Carlile. 74/100