Product Review: Aphrodite’s Coffee Scrub




Over the past several months I have noticed a rise in popularity when it comes to coffee-based exfoliating scrubs, and have been tempted to give one a try, but just never got around it it. That is until now! I have had the pleasure of trying the Aphrodite’s Dirty Chai Coffee Scrub. Before I get into more about the product, let me tell you a bit about the company behind the product. Aphrodite’s is a new Canadian business owned by my new friend Shannon, and she creates and sells affordable luxury bath and beauty products. You can visit the Etsy shop here to pick up some products yourself and check out the Facebook page for more information here.


Back to the coffee scrub! What could be better thank combining two of the things I love: beauty-related products and caffeine? It has definitely made me purchase some products in the past. This scrub is a blend of chai tea, brown sugar and fair-trade coffee grinds. It exfoliates your skin while the caffiene and scrubbing action promotes circulation to get rid of cellulite and dry skin, with sunflower and coconut oils rich in vitamin E to moisturize & fade scars and stretch marks of all kinds. Ginkgo biloba powder is added into the scrub for a dose of proven anti-aging effects, redness & inflammation reducing properties, which is amazing for rosacea and varicose veins.


When I first opened the coffee scrub bag I stuck my nose in to smell it. It was the perfect combination of coffee and chai scents that made me think it was already autumn and made me crave a chai tea latte instantly. I used a small amount for the first try because I wanted to be a little bit cautious with a scrub on my skin that is more used to less abrasive products. Everyone deserves a good scrub like this one once in a while to really get rid of all the dead skin cells and reveal all your fresh and smooth skin. I started lightly massaging the coffee scrub onto my face and after I had covered most of my face then I had a good look at myself in the mirror and instantly decided I was not going to take a photo. I realized that I made the right decision when my sister walked into my room minutes later and walked out again in a laughing fit over how ridiculous I looked. You can google “coffee scrub face” to see photos of people using similar scrubs if you are curious.


I washed off the scrub about 5-10 minutes later when I hopped into the shower and as a brushed away the scrub particles off my face, it revealed such smooth skin underneath. Soft as a baby’s bottom! My face had gotten slightly red when applying the scrub, but all redness disappeared very quickly and I was only left with the soft, fresh skin afterwards. I wish the scent lingered a bit, but it’s probably for the best that it didn’t stay around to make me hungry for Starbucks. I would highly recommend checking out this scrub as it seems to be the best selling product in the product range and treat yourself to a good, deep scrub with a wonderful scent. I was also gifted the 24 Carrot Gold Formulated Soap Bar which smells of delicious peaches with a bit of ginger spice to it, and I can’t wait to start using that once the last of my body wash runs out!