Headphones On: Chill Vibes on Spotify

When it comes to music these days, I have been opening up Spotify a lot more than I used to. My iTunes library is still much larger and much more organized to my liking, but Spotify is great when I don’t have access to my home music library. I would love to share all my favourite songs and bands with you, but not all in one post. For today I am keeping it at just two bands: Terror Jr and The Japanese House. I thought I would pick two bands because they share something in common, which is chill vibes.

Terror Jr

This band is not the most popular, but gained a lot of Internet fame in a day. Their song “3 Strikes” is in a Kylie Cosmetics video and that got them a lot of attention. They just released their first album, Bop City, and I dig it. Terror Jr has me bopping my head around whenever I heard their music come on. Their sound is soft and mellow, but with a beat that keeps your attention. Not quite a party pump up song, but still enough to keep you motivated to work and from dreaming away your day. You can chill out and listen to Terror Jr here.

The Japanese House

I first heard about this band (aka Amber Bain) when I found out it was an opening act for The 1975. I got familiar with Bain’s music and instantly fell in love with the very unique dreamy synth sound she invented. Members of The 1975 help when it comes to producing her songs, which I find to be such a cool fact. The second EP, Clean, was the collection of songs that mostly caught my attention earlier this year. I could see myself playing those four tracks and drifting away to a daydream land. The Japanese House is about to release its third EP in November. I am anticipating that I will love it just as much as the others. “Face Like Thunder” was the first song released off the EP and I think it is my favourite overall. Click here to listen to The Japanese House.