OOTD: The Autumn Dress You Need

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Transitioning wardrobes between seasons is always a tricky time. Currently, I am back and forth between the end of Summer and beginning of Autumn weather conditions and the weather cannot make up its mind. Some days it is quite hot outside still, while others it is in sweater weather territory. An easy piece to help through these temperature changes is a dress, more specifically- the perfect autumn dress.

The Perfect Autumn Dress

This Bare Bones Shift Dress from TOBI was a great piece that I recently added to my closet. It’s deep wine colours really help take this summery dress into the fall season. The long sleeve help add a boho-like chic to it, as well as providing a tiny bit more coverage for the cooler temperatures. Now, it is not quite the dress that will show off your figure because it is a shift dress. It’s very flowy and shapeless, but that might be the perfect for you when it comes to Thanksgiving dinner. Not only Thanksgiving but any meal in which you don’t want to wear something so form-fitting. or any other big meals. Besides the colour of this autumn dress, the thing that I like about it the most is the off the shoulder style. This dress has a lot of styles incorporated into its design, but one style that I absolutely love is anything that has an off shoulder neckline. I have added a few new off-the-shoulder pieces to my wardrobe over the past few months and love them to pieces!

Minimal Accessories

When I think a piece stands out as much as this dress, I stick to the bare minimum otherwise. When it comes to the unseen footwear, I wore my trusty pair of Toms. Let’s be honest, Toms are comfortable and I wear them on a daily basis. I brought my Kate Spade Cameron Street Mega Lane along for the coffee outing. This bag can be changed into a cross-body bag with its additional strap, but I don’t normally have that attached. This bag was a purchase from over the summer that I am still head over heels in love with. It may look on the smaller side, but it can carry a lot more than you would think! Sadly (for the bank account), it is not that latest bag I added to my collection… more on that later.

I am working on a few more upcoming style-related posts, so keep your eyes peeled for those! In the meantime, do you have any favourite transitional outfit pieces?

Dress – TOBI | Bag – Kate Spade | Shoes (not seen) – Toms