Haul: Shopping In Ottawa

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It’s nearly impossible for me to go on a trip to another city and not make a purchase that I can later recall as the thing I bought there. This past weekend in Ottawa was no different. We left on Monday, but not before I could swipe my visa a few times to buy those products that will be the products I bought while on a winter vacation in in Ottawa at the Rideau Centre and ByWard Market. So this is the bundle of things that I bought in a span of about an hour.

› Elizabeth and James Nirvana Black — This is the first thing that caught my eye walking up to Sephora! Having a huge poster hanging outside the store helped, but it was also the center item on the greeting stands as I walked in. I’ve been following this product through the news since it was first announced, but forgot about it in the new year. This was definitely an rewarding impulse purchase. I was always a fan of Ashley & Mary-Kate Olsen’s endeavours into the world of fashion and more mature marketing, so this was a no brainer for me. The only problem was, which one do I buy? After spraying both and sniffing them back and forth for a minute or two, and the approval of my boyfriend, I ended up picking up the Black version of the perfume, basically because there was rich vanilla in the scent, and I love my vanilla scents. The White version was almost a bit too much to take in, but it was still nice. I’m not known to go crazy on purchasing scents, but this one I had to get my hands on. If all that wasn’t enough, the amazing packaging of the perfume was the final hand that pulled me in to buy it.

› Bumble and Bumble Thickening Shampoo and Conditioner — These products are new for me to own, but definitely not brand new to me. I’ve been eyeing this hair wash duo for a long time, probably since I first saw them go on the shelves at Sephora. They cost more than your average shampoo and conditioner, but what kept me wanting them was the fact that they both claim to be thickening products. I have quite thin hair due to my years and years of dying my hair probably more than I should care to admit. I started slowing down on the dying process and currently hold a record of about 9 months without adding any colour to my hair. I’ve noticed some improvements in the healthiness of my hair, but I’m hoping these products will help add some more thickness into the look of my hair.

› beautyblender — This is a miracle tool when it comes to makeup application. Now, I will admit that I’m not the best with keeping up and cleaning these sponges, so I end up buying a new one every now and then. I thought it was time for a new one, even though my boyfriend was outraged at how a company could charge more than a pretty penny for a little pink sponge. People that have used this miracle sponge will understand why it’s as great as it is.

› Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion (Original) — I saw this product at the counter and knowing that my sample size version of this product was running low at home, I finally made my first purchase of the full sized tube. Now I’ll be able to put more eye shadow looks to the test with this amazing eye shadow primer.

› Tea Tree Skin Clearing Toner — A 40% off sale throughout the whole store is an obvious reason to walk into The Body Shop, but I didn’t actually know about this sale until I was cashing out. I wander through the store from time to time and thought I’d get my new toner from the tea tree oil collection. All my reasoning behind this decision was the list of reasons why I know tea tree oil is good for the skin. The bottle also claims to leave the skin looking mattified, which is always a plus for a liquid product.

› Grease Lighting — Lastly, I stepped into a Lush store since there are none that near to where I live. I knew I had to pick up a new bottle of this tea tree cleanser product because my old one had expired quite a while ago. I really go like tea tree oil products I suppose. I’m glad I can get past the strong smell of it! I’m really glad to have this back on my shelf and using it without wondering if the expiration date means it is not doing its job.