OOTD: That Cat Dress



Unfortunately this is not a new photo. I wish the weather was this nice right now, but it’s quite the opposite. Sure the sun was shining through my window today at work, but it was way down in the negatives. I’m bringing back this photo because I’ve been wearing this dress a lot lately, and I think the world needs to know about it. The dress is the Jersey Dress in Black/Patterned from H&M. The link is to the American website because apparently it’s not available on the Canadian website anymore. Although it’s referred to as the “Black/Patterned” colour, I’m hereby officially calling it “cat print”, therefore making this my Cat Dress.

The thickness of the dress makes it harder to the wind to blow up on windy days, and the lack of sleeves make it summer appropriate. I’ve been wearing it alongside some fleece-lined tights due to chilling temperatures, but in the photo above I’m clearly not. I bought this dress without trying it on, as I find that task very tedious most days, and it ended up being a very snug fit due to the fitted bodice, but the most perfect of snug fits I’ve ever worn. My only flaw with this dress is the feeling of the zipper against my bare back after a long day as it really starts to get irritating. But with that said, everything else about the dress is all great! And as a bonus, this dress is great for kids to look at and for older people to realize I like cats. When I bought the dress back in July of last year, it instantly became one of my favourite dresses I own.