Haul: Florals and Tees

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I was originally going to make this a full haul blog post of both clothing pieces and cosmetic products I’ve bought recently, but I’ve actually collected enough clothing lately that this is going to be entirely a clothing haul post! I’ve sorted the items into two categories: floral print and t-shirts. Here’s a bit about all those items!

› Floral print — Springtime is almost upon us, even if the weatherman got the wrong memo and gave us winter in all its snowy glory again today. The few days before today we actually started getting nicer weather, even break out of the negatives for a change! I had forgotten what that felt like to be honest. Last night I ended up strolling through the mall and passed the windows of Forever21, and took in an eyeful of floral patterns left and right. So after I picked up what I needed, I headed through Sephora and picked up two clothing pieces to inspire my wardrobe to be a lot more springtime-ready. This included the Darling Daisy Dress w/ Belt and Easy Floral Kimono. I thought these would ward off any more signs of winter, but clearly that did not work. I’ll be ready to wear them once we get back out of the negative temperatures! I’ve paired the kimono with another recent purchase, a Los Angeles muscle tank (I couldn’t find it on the website anymore, but I saw it underneath this cardigan that a model is wearing) that will probably be worn more during the summer season. I know that wasn’t a floral print, but I needed to stick something on the hanger with the kimono in that one. Lastly, in a recent online order I purchases the Grunge Rose Smock Dress because, even though it looks very shape-less hanging on the hanger, I thought it looked like a perfect springtime dress to wear with the picture on the website. It’s still lacking shape, but that’s something a belt could easily fix up a bit.

› T-shirts — Here’s the thing with t-shirts: I love collecting them. If there’s a television show or movie that has a cool t-shirt, I’ll buy it. If I go to a concert, I’ll buy a band t-shirt. If there’s something cool on a t-shirt, you guessed it, I’ll buy it. The chances of me getting much use out of each t-shirt, not as high. With the exception of finding the perfect pajama t-shirt, I will wear those shirts every chance I get. With this bunch of recent t-shirt purchases, I’ve got an example of the 3 reasons I buy them. First up, the “Breakfast Coffee Pancakes” t-shirt. I actually saw a photo on Tumblr of someone wearing this shirt and I did my best to find where it came from. I found a version of it on Etsy and it was purchased within moments. If the shirt had said waffles or doughnuts it would be perfectly fitting for me, but pancakes was close enough. Next, after I saw The Lego Movie, I found a link to this t-shirt on BustedTees, and ordered a medium to hopefully make for a new pajama shirt. The shirt was a bit longer than I was hoping, but still a great shirt to show that I’m definitely still a kid at heart. Last but not least, I picked up this Irresistible t-shirt at the Wakey!Wakey! concert last week, because I have to have wearable evidence that I’m a fan of the band. I was hoping they would have the darker version of the t-shirt, but I proudly took the light grey one because it was all they had. Those are my recent t-shirt purchases, and clearly by looking at the photo you can tell I had them crammed in a space in a drawer, folded up a million times to make them fit.