Haul: Nicole Goes To Topshop

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After a long time of wishing and online scrolling, I finally walked into a Topshop this past weekend and definitely took advantage of the time I had to buy things in store. Although I did not purchase any clothing items, I definitely made up for it in other things.

› Lipsticks — One thing that’s always caught my eye from people mentioning Topshop in beauty videos and just scrolling the online shop is the beauty department. I went ahead and picked up two lip products, but I made sure to get two shades that I don’t normally wear or even own! For the basic Lips line, I purchased the shade “Macaron”, which is actually a peachy-pink, coral-like shade. I don’t own any colour like this, particularly because it’s a much lighter shade in comparison to all my deep berry and red shades. I’m still deciding if I’m liking this one or not, not my favourite colour, or the greatest staying power after I eat a meal, but I’ll keep it in rotation to know if I want to buy more of the same line in the future. My favourite though, was my decision to buy the Sheer Lip product in the shade “Applause”. And yes, I do sing Lady Gaga’s “Applause” every time I think of the name. This hot pink, nearly fuchsia lipstick goes on very pigmented and I can’t stop using it! Sure I have to apply it throughout the day because I snack on a lot of food and drink a lot of coffee, but this one is definitely worth it. I’m highly considering buying more from the sheer lip product line.

› Jewellery — I always fall victim to buying jewellery pieces and then hardly ever bringing them out of my jewellery case. This shopping adventure was no excuse. I ended up with a ring and two bracelets. The first bracelet is a simple gold bangle bracelet ties off with an aqua string and bead (I was unable to find this one online). I thought it would be a nice simple touch for whenever the weather gets warmer and I can start the arm party of bracelets again. The second bracelet is the Twist Heart Lock Bracelet because I’m a sucker for anything lock and key themed. I thought it looked really elegant and dainty so I’ll be trying my hardest to get my use out of this one! Of course I bought a ring, and this is only the second mid-ring that I own. I picked up the Love Midi Ring. It’s a cute ring, and I love… love! That’s all the reasoning I needed for that purchase.

› Bag — Pièce de résistance! Sometimes you just see something and within a split second, you know deep in your heart that you need to make it yours. This doesn’t happen all that often with items for me, especially bags, because I can be super picky about them. It happened during this shopping adventure and the item was the Double Zip Holdball Bag(the link goes to the white bag because they don’t feature the black one online). This bag non-literally had my name written all over it. Considering I’ve spent the past year saving and waiting to purchase the perfect Kate Spade, Marc Jacobs, or Michael Kors purse, for me to forget all that and make this purchase instead meant a lot! I’ve gotten compliments on it already, so I know I made a good choice. The double compartments make it super easy for me to stay organized, separating random items from my wallet, glasses, and keys. Also, having the feature to lock to zipper at each end is very helpful to keep things secure and not constantly making a noise with every step I take. It comes with a long strap to make it a shoulder bag, but I’m keeping it on its short handles for now. The price didn’t kill my bank account either – double win for me!