Haul: Skin and Hair Care

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This haul is representative of products I’ve purchased over the past month or two that have found their way into my skin and hare care routines. I’ll skip a long into and dive right into the products…

This first group of items I like to call my “shower items”. Now I definitely use more than just these in the shower, and may not use these every day, but they are recent items that I’ll collected that I treat myself with when I have the extra time. First up is LUSH’s Mask of Magnaminty. I first bought this mask over a year ago and really liked it, but I found that I didn’t have enough time before morning showers to use this and it “expired” before I got to use at least half the tub. This time I only bought the smaller container and told myself to use it up before it expires this time. There are so many benefits that your skin gets from this face (and body) mask and the mint smell is definitely a plus! In the warmer weather this will be a great way to cool down the skin because you keep it chilled when not using it. I am currently wearing the mask as I’m typing this post. Next is a product I heard about and waited patiently for its release to go out and purchase it. This product is The Body Shop’s Early-Harvest Raspberry Body Scrub. If you don’t know me well enough to know why I would buy this, let me clear the air on that. It’s pretty much raspberry jam in a non-editable format. I love raspberries and pretty much anything raspberry-related. When you open the container and look at the body scrub, it looks exactly like raspberry jam, seeds and all. Don’t let this fool you because as a body scrub it does its job perfectly! The smell is amazing, but does not linger after you wash it off, which is unfortunate for raspberry fanatics like myself. The last shower item is something I purchased for my mother quite a while ago, which is Bath & Body Work’s True Blue Spa Walnut Shell Smoothing Foot Scrub. Sometimes people just generally don’t take care of their feet as much as they should, and I did buy this with the intent to use it myself as well. The minty smell has a hint of the walnut scent to it, and I’m believing that it is going to help make my feet ready for flip-flop season!

For the next bunch of products, I’m starting it out with a mini-sized version of Josie Maran’s Argan Love Your skin: Cleanse & Nourish To Go Duo. The argan oil is something I’ve had my eye on for a while, but the regular sized version is quite pricey to jump straight into purchasing. I saw this duo and said “why not” and am currently giving it a try in my usually skin care routine. The nourishing cleansing oil is sparsly getting used, but the moisturizing argan oil is quite true to it’s reviews. This oil is super moisturizing for skin, nails, and hair! Multi-purpose moisturizer for the win! Next, I picked up the OjonVolume Advance Thickening Spray at a warehouse sale about a month ago because I still need help in the hair thickening area of hair care. I spray a couple times after a shower while my hair is still damp and I can’t really tell if it is doing its job yet, but I’ll keep going until the bottle is empty. At that same warehouse sale, I picked up the Origins Gloomaway Grapefruit Body Souffle because I like grapefruit scents. I’m on the fence about this one though because it’s almost a floral-grapefruit scent, and not quite easy on the nose. It is very moisturizing though, so I’ll use it still. Lastly, while talking about Origins, I’m currently finishing up my GinZing Energy-Boosting Moisturizer, so i’ve picked up a second container of it so that I’m ready for the upcoming day when I’ve completely emptied up my current one. This has become my favourite morning everyday moisturizer, and a much more pleasant scent than the previously mentioned grapefruit one. That’s it for all the items for this post!