Haul: Spring Nail Polish




The last thing I’m in need of is more nail polish. So of course I went out and bought more! But to actually have any sort of argument in this topic, I made sure to buy new brands of nail polish outside the usual Essie and Cult nail polish brands I use 95% of the time. My newest purchases were either the Urban Outfitters brand nail polishes or from the ncLA nail polish collection. So let’s take a look at my newest additions to my large collection of colours!


› Urban Outfitters — I’ve always seen the big stand of nail polish bottles each time I’ve gone to the stores, but I’ve never branched out far enough to try one out. My most recent visit to Toronto involved a visit to OU and I walked by the stand and my shopping spree/retail therapy brain made me pick up not one, but TWO different colours! The ones I chose weren’t even solid colours, but glitters. As much as I tell myself to stop getting glitter-based nail polishes, these two really stuck out to me. I picked up a very light small glitter polish called “After Hours” which reflects pink glitter as well as a rainbow of other colours when put in the light. The second glitter shade is named “Tutu”. This one is much different as the glitter chunks are larger and reflect gold and a purple-silver colour which I thought was a great combination! I’m very happy with how both of these turned out. Quality is pretty decent, so I may consider looking into buying more of the solid shades next time!

› ncLA — This was a bit of a splurge as these nail lacquers are not cheap! Which was the unfortunate side because with all three colours I bought, the brushes always had a stray bristle or two that made doing my nails a bit difficult. All these colours were shipped to me because I bought them online so maybe it would have differed if I bought them in person? Maybe. I originally bought two of them through the NYLON magazine online shop and both turned out to be a tad bit darker than I thought. Note to self: Stick to in store purchases. The purple (“Eight Days A Week”) is probably the darkest pastel purple I’m adding into my collection, and the medium-dark mint colour (“Santa Monica Shore Thing”) was definitely darker than I was expecting, but still a nice dull mint colour. The one that I liked the most, was the light pastel green colour (“AM: Beauty Sleep, PM: Shopping Spree”) that I ordered through the Shop Sosie online store. This is was I was expecting the other green to look like, but this one is definitely a colour that I see myself wearing a lot through the spring and summer. It looks almost white from a distance, but has the green tones when looking closer. I was expecting really long wearability with this brand, but they didn’t really pass the test of surviving more than a few days before really chipping to the point where I had to remove them all together.