OOTD: Dark Cool Florals

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For what started as quite the rainy day, it ended up being quite warm and sunny out, for Canadian weather anyways. After dressing cozy all day at work, I came home and was inspired to change into a springtime appropriate outfit. I managed to make it back out right as the sun was setting and my sister took some photos of me sporting my plum-floral attire. I’m calling this the “dark cool florals” outfit because all the colours are staying on the darker and cooler side of the colour spectrum. And yes, it was taken at one of my schools from my childhood. All the big bricks walls were perfect!

      Starting from the top, warmer weather means I can break back out my fedora-styled Pelham Hat from Aritzia. I felt that this hat kept the outfit very casual and laid back overall. It really made me want to go to a beach because that’s probably where I was the last time I wore it. Next, we will discuss this blazer. I own three different colours of this style of blazer, which is the Kent Blazer, also from Aritzia. The funny thing it that all 3 blazers are in 3 different sizes, because I could never remember which size was actually right for me. This plum coloured one was the largest of the three and the one that matched best with this outfit. Very loose-fitting, it was a nice light layer to save me from freezing once the sun did set.

      My newest item featured in this outfit and the base clothing item that I started with, is this Kimchi Blue Knit Racerback Fit & Flare Dress I bought a week ago at Urban Outfitters. I probably won’t snap out of this “everything must have floral print” phase for a while yet, so this was one of the few floral print dresses I picked up that day. I thought it was a nice darker floral print, even though the flowers themselves are still quite bright, the dark blue base colour let’s the pink roses be eye-catching without being too much for the eyes to handle. Of course I had my new bag with me. I bought this bag from Topshop a couple weeks ago and my love for it is still as strong as when I saw it in stores. I bring it with me everywhere! If you want to read more about that fabulous bag, feel free to read my post about it here. I completed the outfit with a warmer weather inspired choice of footwear by bringing my dark navy blue Toms out of the back of the closet and am excited to switch back to wearing them very soon for good! These were just another piece to keep the outfit casual. I always tend to keep a hair tie on my wrist in case I need up put my hair up at any given moment, so that’s the only accessory I had for this outfit.