Beautiful Radiant You Products

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When it comes to taking care of your skin, it’s very important that you are not putting a lot of products with possibly harsh chemicals on your skin. What’s the best way to make sure your skin is not being harmed with the chemicals found in some store bought products? Go back to the basics! Recently I’ve had the pleasure to try out some products that my cousin Angela made with her branding she has called Beautiful Radiant You, which is a collection of homemade and natural products for skin and body. I personally have had some skin irritation issues along with everyone’s favourite eczema (that was sarcasm, I completely hate eczema), and she sent me a box of goodies to take care of my skin in a much safer way.

The products I got to test out included two body butters: a delicious smelling pomegranate coconut and a heavenly vanilla scented one. I’ve recently really hopped on the body butter bandwagon so these were an absolute treat! These have a thick consistency, but once rubbed on my skin I immediately felt my skin was getting the moisture it really needed without being greasy. Along with this theme of moisturizing, the Perfecting Face Cream was the first I tried of the bunch and the fresh melon scent was only the tip of the iceberg. After applying this at night, I woke up the following morning with soft skin I may have ever had since I was a baby. I’ve since started using this as a special treatment moisturizer at night sometimes for that extra moisture boost while I sleep. The eczema cream (the unlabelled container) was passed on to my sister since mine was fairly clear, but I did try it on a not so great skin day and it kept a good shield of moisture around my dry skin patches where it really needed it. It is not a miracle “cure all skin defects” cream because nothing can ever fully cure it, but it definitely helps!

Not only were there skin care products, but also some shower products! There was a shampoo soap bar and a shaving cream. First of all I just want to say that the shaving cream smells like chocolate mint, and that’s pretty much one of my all time flavours scents and flavours (don’t worry, I didn’t try eating this product) so this was already a hit with my nose. People are used to very foamy and gel-like consistencies when it comes to shaving cream, but this product is a bit harder and rubs on like the body butters as more of an oil product – but still gets the job done! Did I mention how fantastic it smells? The shampoo bar I passed on to my mom as she already uses a shampoo in the non-traditional form of a bar from Lush, so I thought she’d like to test this one out. I stick to my regular shampoos, so I don’t have a full review of this one.

My final thoughts on homemade products is that I think it is a fantastic idea to really get back to the basics of what really helps the skin in the most natural and original form of skin care. Each product has the list of ingredients on it to let you know exactly what is going on your skin. We don’t always have to buy the newest product on the market to have the best skin, with some exceptions for certain skin concerns being helped by ingredients such as salicylic acid for fighting blemishes and acne. I’m not saying I’ve converted to strictly using these products, but I’m definitely keeping them in my rotation every few days. I think everyone deserves to pamper themselves with some natural ingredient products once in a while because the pay off is really soft skin and some of the greatest product scents I’ve smelt in a long time! If you are interested at all in any of these products or want to look at what else is available, feel free to visit Angela’s page here for more information!