May Empties


It’s that time again! I’ve used up more products and am ready to give my final opinion about them and if I would repurchase them. I won’t waste any time and let’s get straight into the products I’ve used up since the last Empties post.

› St. Ives — I’ve finished up two different types of St. Ives products and I don’t think I’ve ever used an other products from this brand before. First up, I finally finished the Naturally Clear Green Tea Scrub. This product was a face cleanser and exfoliator all in one for me. It appealed enough to my sister that she had to get one as well. This scrub wasn’t too abrasive on my skin, as my skin can be quite sensitive at times, but it was a gentle enough scrub to make sure it got the job done right! This is one I would repurchase, and it was on the cheaper end of the spectrum as well, so that’s always a bonus. The second St. Ives item I finished was theEnergizing Citrus Body Wash. This pink grapefruit-citrus smell really helped wake up my senses if I was using this during a shower right after waking up and I was in that zombie state still. I’m always a fan of citrus-smelling products, so this was a definite must when I first saw it. Considering it was a cheaper product, it is definitely worth the price and much more!

› Yes To – Facial Wipes — On two separate occasions I ended up purchasing the Yes To Tomatoes and Yes To Cucumbers makeup removing facial wipes before I finally got around to re-purchasing my favourite brand of makeup wipes. The tomatoes package was targeted for blemish-prone skin, which I thought I would test out and see if it had any sort of effect on my skin. While the cucumber mini travel sized package was just to hold me over until I found find my other facial wipes. Overall I wasn’t really impressed with them and probably won’t be buying them again. They stayed moist compared to other packages wipes which can dry out, but overall I will stick with my favourite Korres Pomegranate facial wipes.

› Coconut Water & Bamboo Leaf Extract Ultra Fresh Hydrating Body Wash — This is a product I’ve had on hand since last September and have been using more during my evening showers when I wasn’t using the St. Ives one which was more to wake me up, as this one was a lot more calming to use. This body wash had a lot more of a gel-like texture to it and lathered up very well. The scent was very refreshing and natural, a very earthy smell, in a good way. Not overly coconut smelling as some people may expect. I’m not sure if I’d get a second bottle of this as I’m always trying out new body washes, but I would recommend it to others looking for a very fresh and clean body wash with really good ingredients.

› Batiste Dry Shampoo in Blush — My first ever bottle of Batiste day shampoo has officially run out. The scent I picked up was the Blush Fun & Flirty kind as it was the only one being offered in the store I was in. I’ve only seen them once since and am now on a hunt to locate them again to buy another, in any scent really at this point! This product works wonders when you need a little pick-me-up for your hair to make it through the day without gross looking hair before you wash it. It has saved me many mornings recently, or even as just a little extra something for freshly cleaned hair. I wish this product sprayed clear product, but I’m getting over having to massage in the white residue. It really works, so I’ll put up with laughing at what looks like white roots for a few moments. I’d highly recommend this brand of dry shampoo to everyone!

› Origins GinZing™ Energy-Boosting Moisturizer — Last but certainly not least, this moisturizer definitely made it on my list of top favourite facial moisturizers since I first tried it. Again, the orange-citrus smell is an added bonus to my nose whenever I use it. The jar seems relatively small, but it has lasted me quite a long time. This product claims to be a facial cream to instantly hydrate and rev up radiance and I would like to think it meets its goals. It’s very moisturizing without going on too thick. My skin doesn’t look that dull so I think the radiance bit is working as well. I’ve already re-purchased a second container waiting for the day it ran out(which was today) and even though I was trying out some small samples of other moisturizers, I will crack into the new container very shortly. It’s more on the pricey side, but worth the price!