OOTD: Bringing Back That Skirt

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A good handful of years ago on my 21st birthday I bought a skirt from the Hamilton DLR store for my birthday party and after wearing it only once, I decided I didn’t really like it after all. So it has been sitting in my drawers for the past four years until this past Sunday rolled around. It was a beautiful day outside and I was looking for something very weather and seasonally appropriate. I remembered the skirt and thought I would pull it out and try it on for old time’s sake. I put it on and that’s how this outfit came to be. I fell in love with the skirt and instantly didn’t regret buying it years ago. I paired it with the Turquoise/Patterned Jersey Top I recently purchased from H&M and that was my outfit for the day!

My sister tagged along with her camera, ultimately using mine, and I picked up my friend Maeesha for a trip to Starbucks for some delicious iced Oprah chai (I’m obsessed with it now!) and headed towards a very outdoorsy setting for some springtime photos. We both ended up wearing a pair of black standard Toms without planning it out. Great minds think alike after all! We got some photos in our springtime Sunday outfits and enjoyed some sun until I randomly got a weird rash mark on my arm and I will just end this story with “I’m allergic to nature and belong behind a computer” and I’m sticking to it.