June 2014 Favourites



I know I’m a few days late for doing this monthly favourites post, but it’s been a hectic week and this weekend continues the busy days, but I knew I had to fit in this post before I dragged out the wait any longer. Let’s go ahead and jump right into my June favourites!

› The Fault In Our Stars by John Green [link] // This is a bit of a cheat favourite as I only started reading it July 1st. But since I hadn’t done this post yet, I’m sticking it in with this bunch of items because it is still fresh in my mind to write about. After a whirlwind of craze over all John Green novels, especially this one with the movie that came out last month, I waited for my monthly Audible credit to reload and made the quick decision to get this book and finish it hopefully before it leaves the theatre. This is probably the fastest I’ve ever gotten through a book since maybe elementary school. This book was beautifully written and is easily near the top of my favourite books list now, but unfortunately I did not shed any tears while reading this book. I have only heard stories about how much people cry like babies while reading this book, but my eyes stayed dry. Maybe the fact that the book was read to me through Audible made a difference, or maybe I am just a robot. But if anything is true, I will tell you that I will bawl my eyes out when I go to watch the movie!

› Elizabeth and James Nirvana White Rollerball [link] // A few months ago I purchased the full size version of the Black version of the perfume, but in a recent Sephora perk I claimed the small rollerball of the White version. I usually prefer the darker, musky, more vanilla-like scents, but the floral scents of the White version have finally won me over. I usually reach for the white version more than the Black these days and am glad I decided to give it a try. Being the rollerball it is even easier to carry around, especially being the mini version.

› Caudalie Beauty Elixir [link] // I had heard about this product through blogs and videos and was quite suspicious about this product. When I saw the smaller bottle of it in the Sephora check out line, I picked it up and made the purchase. This product is a refreshing mist and toner in one. Although I do use another product as my daily toner, I spray this as well for it’s refreshing effect on my face. The mint and rosemary scent is strong, but goes away quickly. Word of advise: do not get this in your eyes. I’m nearly halfway through the bottle already and I have really enjoyed using it since I bought it.

› Maybelline Eye Studio Colour Tattoo 24HR Cream Gel Shadows [link] // These cream gel shadows are more of a re-discovery for me this month. They are everywhere in online blogs and videos and I bought the Bad to the Bronze shade quite a few months ago and used it only a few times before it got pushed to the back of my eye shadow collection. One day I reached for it and really liked how pigmented it was and the staying power that I went out and bought a second in the shade Barely Branded. I felt this would be a nice match for the one I already had to compliment it with a lighter shade. Since then I have used only these two shadows exclusively on my eyes and they are very easy to apply and blend in a hurry, with great colour pay off. I am happy with the two that I own, but I may look at the other shades in the future.

› Revlon ColorStay Gel Envy Nail Enamel [link] // I’m a little crazy when it comes to collecting the perfect nail polish shades. I’ve pretty much only stuck to buying from two brands, the first being Essie and the second being my monthly Cult Cosmetics nail polish box subscription that I only recently cancelled. I was walking around Shoppers one day and saw the Revelin ColorStay Gel Envy stand and the light blue Full House shade caught my eye. I had remembered watching a video mentioning it and saying that it was good, so I picked it up while it was on sale. This base coat + colour 2-in-1 nail enamel surprised me from the first swipe across my nail! The formula is fantastic and lasted me longer than my usual nail polish wear – which may also have to do with a new top coat I bought. I went back and picked up another nail polish in the plain white colour Sure Thing and have been loving that as it is currently on my nails!

› Sunset Beach 3-Wick Candle [link] // I’m always a sucker to check out new candle scents at Bath and Body Works, so when this new summer collection came out in new frosted glass-like containers, I jumped at the chance to smell them all. When I went to smell them all, I like all the candles in the collection, but when I went back the next day to buy some of them I wasn’t sure I liked them as much, but picked up three of them anyways. Since the moment I lit this Sunset Beach candle, I found my summer candle! It claims to be the scent of “fruit pops, sugarcane, and sunrays”… yes, sunrays apparently have a scent. The fruity and sweet scents blend together perfectly to a scent that I don’t find overpowering, but I may just be that used to it now. For anyone else wondering, I also bought the Beach Day and Ocean Driftwood candles as well.