OOTD: Crazy For Pineapples

I bought a few new clothing items recently and you will see them pop up in upcoming blog posts, but this outfit definitely had to be first one up! This look was perfect for summer, even though the weather had slightly dropped over the past few days. This is also my first Look of the Day post featuring my lighter and shorter haircut thanks to my pure talent – as in I am way to cheap to pay someone to cut my hair and be likely disappointed in the end. Yay for cutting my own hair for the past two years or so! I still tend to snip a bit every few days until I’m perfectly satisfied, so it’s always changing. Onwards to the items!

› Top Shop Pineapple Print Sundress [link] // Fun fact: I don’t like to eat pineapples, but I’ll instantly gravitate towards anything with a pineapple print on it! That was the case when I spotted this dress on the Topshop website and was lucky enough to see it in the store when I went the other day. I don’t get out to Topshop very often, but I make use of the chance when I do get to go. This dress is very colourful with its yellow pineapples and dark purple hearts pattern as they clash perfectly together in this perfectly shaped sundress! The cutout in the front adds a little extra detail to the cut of the dress and nearly makes it look a bit like a two pieces outfit, but it’s just a one peice dress.

› Raybans Wayfarer Sunglasses [link] // I can’t go anywhere without my Raybans. My sunglasses were actually just super good knock-off Raybans that I bought online two years ago and are still getting me by just fine, minus one incident in the Dominican when I broke them, but thankfully my dad repaired them and stuck in lenses with my prescription for me. I can hardly see myself in any other shape or style of other sunglasses, although I have been in the search for a backup pair lately and am still looking for a good cheaper pair of sunglasses. Nothing beats the Rayban Wayfarer style!

› Toms Black Canvas Women’s Classic [link] // These Toms have been through a lot already this spring and summer as they are my go to footwear pretty much every single day. Usually in a rush out the door in the morning, these get slipped on quickly because I don’t really own many pairs of shoes like most girls are perceived to have. My only warm weather shoes are these or my flipflops. I’ll get on fixing that problem eventually. Once broken in, these Toms are just super comfortable on my feet and rarely ever make my feet hurt after a very long day of wearing them. A must have footwear staple in my opinion. I should invest in a newer pair or some other colours besides the black, navy, and yellow crochet ones that I own and have worn many, many times.