July/August 2014 Favourites

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I know, I know, I missed the July Favourites blog post, but I realized I didn’t have all the much to put a spotlight on around the end of the month so I decided to wait and do a combined faovurites post with all the things I loved in August. Instead of a massive list of items, I’ve still managed to keep this post from getting too big. I’ve narrow it down to my absolutely favourite things from the past two months, and with that, let’s begin!


I definitely went up and beyond with investment purchases this month. I bought two items that were on the higher end of the price point spectrum. My first big purchase was my brand new Kate Spade Miles Newbury Lane handbag. I’m extremely excited that I finally own a Kate Spade bag as it has been on my want list for well over a year! It is black and very classic looking overall, but gives me exactly all that I want in a bag. I like having my bag separate compartments, making it easier for me to find something instead of digging through everything. This leads into my even bigger purchase – my brand new iPad Air! I’ve only had this one since Tuesday evening but am already loving it! My new bag has a special spot that my iPad slides into perfectly, so it was meant to be. I’ve been trying to avoid the urger to buy an iPad since they first came out, because I already owned a Macbook and an iPhone and didn’t need the middle man. But with all my recent Macbook issues, such as it freezing every couple minutes and it is an absolutely pain to watch any sort of video off of (movies, Netflix, YouTube, etc), I was definitely l,eaning into the idea of buying one. My mom went out and bought herself an iPad on Sunday, and after finally playing around with it a bit on Monday night, I couldn’t get it off my mind until I came home with one on Tuesday. I’m currently writing this post from my iPad and wireless Mac keyboard, so I am more than just content with this purchase.


Onwards to the not as pricey items! I definitely want to shine a spotlight on possibly my new favourite scent, which comes in the form of a hand lotion. This is the Tokyo Milk Dark Bulletproof Shea Butter Handcreme from their Femme Fatale Collection. This smell hits it out of the ballpark and into a dreamy land of a warm musky scent that could be considered borerline masculine. The scent lists its four main ingredients as: smoked tea, coconut milk, crushed cedar, and ebony woods. The lotion is also very moisturizing for your hands, as it should be! I give discovery credit to my friend Tasha who is a fan of the Tokyo Milk product range, and lead me to becoming obsessed with the scent and buying the hand creme. The perfume version of the scent is not as appealing to my senses, so I’ll be sticking with the hand cream and making it double as a body lotion (behind my ears and neck, not all over) to make the scent linger just for a little extra amount of time.


I’m now going to shine the spotlight on two different brands of denim: Topshop and American Eagle Outfitters. Over the past two months I’ve bought three new pairs of jeans and have fallen in love with them all. When I was in Topshop I finally gave in and picked up a pair of the Moto Black Leigh Jeans and they are the softest pair of jeans I’ve ever felt and owned. Even after being washed, a lot of the softness stayed intact! They fit like a glove, and although I’m not crazy about high-waisted bottoms, I accept these and continue to wear them because I love everything about them. Next I went out of my comfort zone of only ever buying black denim jeans, and picked up a pair of the Tattered Light Destroy Skinny Jean from American Eagle Outfitters and they became my new favourite pair of jeans ever. I’ve always loved the ripped denim look but never bought my own pair of jeans to follow the trend, until now. I loved the fit of the jeans and went back to the store a week later and picked up a pair of the Always Black Jegging and they fit as well as the Topshop jeans, but are the non-high wasted option! I can sum this up by just saying it’s been a really good two months for me finding jeans I love.


Lastly, I will shine some light on a beauty product that I clearly don’t give enough love and attention to. This is the NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Red Square. I bought this product all based off of an beauty blogger recommendation because the colour is definitely not a shade I would gravitate towards on a display. This bright orange-red matte lip pencil is definitely a bold shade that could have been either a hit or miss with me, but surprisingly it was a hit! I’ve only worn it a select amount of times that I can count on one hand, but each of those times has come with compliments. In Sephora it looks much more orange than it did once I brought it home and took it out of its package to try on. If you see any photo of me with vibrant red lipstick on, it’s most likely this shade I’m wearing. The forumla is very long-lasting and stays nice and matte without drying out your lips. I will eventually look into trying out other colours in the range, but for now I’m very happy with the one I have.


I think I’m going to wrap up my favourites there because I definitely let myself ramble on essay-style about my love for these favourites this month. I should be back to regular monthly favourites blog posts next month, and a couple more categories favourites here and there.