Haul: Sephora & Shoppers Autumn Haul

haul-20140928b haul-20140928


I haven’t done a shopping haul post in quite a while it seems, so I thought I would sit down and discuss the items I bought yesterday. The main item I was looking for was a deep red nail polish, and I got that item, and then quite a few more products.


Starting right away with the nail polish. I knew I wanted to find the new autumn shades that Essie released, but walked through Sephora first and came across the Marc Jacobs Nail Polish in “Jezebel”. This black cherry red shade was exactly what I was looking for! I bit the bullet and made the purchase. Now I can finally say that I own and have tried a Marc Jacobs nail polish and am seeing how long it lasts throughout the week. I did end up finding the Essie autumn shades and with a buy one get one free coupon, I picked up the new darker red shade in “Dress to Kilt” and a deeper inky cobalt blue shade named “Style Cartel”. They are both really lovely autumn shades and I’m excited to use them throughout the season! I already have the bus on my toes and am loving it.


A few other purchases made were random grabs from both Sephora and Shoppers Drug Mart. Walking by the NARS stand, I saw a new display for the newly released NARS Audacious Lipstick range. After debating between a couple of the shades, I picked up the deep red garnet shade named “Olivia”. The lipstick goes on super smoothly and has an ultrasoft texture to it. I’m excited to test this one out more and may be tempted to get another shade as my friend purchased the rich berry Fanny shade and is loving it.


As I was looking for the nail polish in Shoppers I passed a familiar looking brand new and it took me a moment before I realized what it was. It was a brand that I thought wasn’t available in Canada, but sooner after I found the much buzzed about product, which is the NUXE Rêve de Miel Ultra-Nourishing Lip Balm. This lip balm is a repairing, nourishing lip balm with a rich, delicious texture to restore suppleness and comfort to dry and chapped lips. I know that I made the recent purchase of the Chanel lip balm not long ago, but with the hype around this product I just had to buy it while I had it in my hand. I’m already super impressed with it and I know it will be one of my favourites through the autumn and winter seasons!


Lastly, I took advantage of the fact that I was in a Shoppers that had some of the Bourjois Paris product range available. I knew that I have wanted to try one of products for quite a while now, so I couldn’t leave without picking one. Since I was set for foundations already, I decided on trying out the Bourjois Paris Happy Light Matte Serum Primer. I’m usually just using primer samples and they all do a good job, I just like trying new ones to see if I can get even better results. This primer offers a matte finish to the makeup look, and since my foundation lately has just been a BB cream that can come off looking the opposite of matte at times, then this was something that I may really like. I tried it for the first time today and it comes out a pale pink colour and dissolves into your skin quickly. My BB cream went on very matte, and I was really surprised! I’m testing out the longevity of the wear on this primer today. If it lasts all day, then this may be a new favourite as well. Definitely a good start to my introduction to this brand.


Those were all the cosmetic products I picked up yesterday – I may still post about the clothing that I bought as well because I love shopping for autumn.