Long-lasting Lipstick Tips



One of the main issues people wearing lipstick suffer from is fighting to make it last through the day, or sometimes even a few hours, before it wears off. I’m here to share a couple tips that I have picked up over time and hopefully they help making wearing lipstick for longer periods of time easier. Sometimes it takes more than just buying a product that promises “long-lasting wear” on it, but I will also give you a couple examples of lip products that do last the longest for me.


Firstly, let’s start with the base. Any sort of lip primer or basic lip balm can help smooth out the surfaces of your lips. This makes it a lot easier for an even application of any lip product. This lessens the chance of a the product flaking and looking very dry and chapped after a while. If you want to upgrade this item from any lip balm you have around, I’ve been using the MAC Cosmetics Prep + Prime Lip for that smooth and moisturized surface before I apply my other lip products. The downside of using a regular lip balm is that it may make it harder to apply the lipstick because the barrier of moisture that the lip balm creates will not let the lip product stick to your lips. Invest in a lip primer product to save you from this problem.


A recent trick I picked up was how important having a lip liner can be. A lot of people use lip liner to get the shape of their lips before applying lipstick, but if you want a lip look that will last much longer, line your lips and then apply it as if it were lipstick as well! Colouring in your lips adds that extra layer of colour in case your lipstick starts coming off. I have found that lip liners are usually longer lasting than lipsticks in general, so it’s a good product to have in your most used lipstick shades. My recent find was the NYX Cosmetics Slim Lip Liner in Deep Red. The day I was first testing this product out, I had a lip cream from the same brand over top which did not have great staying power, but having the lip liner underneath made it look great all day long. I’m definitely more tempted to buy a new lip liner now that I know how handy they are.


My last piece of advice is in the form of two product recommendations. The Make Up For Ever Aqua Rouge lip product is a miracle product for it’s staying power. The combination of it’s waterproof stain-like colour and gloss-like top coat really last throughout the day. I don’t believe that there is a single product will last throughout an entire day without any sort of change, but this is the only product I’ve used alone and had the least amount of change in appearance. I’m not always about the glossy lip look, but the clear gloss coat works wonders and I will gladly settle for that. But my most recent discovery, as in I’m only just wearing it today for the first time, is the Lime Crime Velvetines. As I type this I am currently wearing the Pink Velvet shade and have eaten at least two meals and have been drinking coffee all day, and all of the lip product has stayed on my lips. These have a very matte finish and seem to last through quite a lot. I definitely want to try this in different shades in the future, but I’m just glad I finally decided to make a Lime Crime order online to try out a couple products. Speaking on the range of shades, Lime Crime is known for their unicorn-like and “way out there” shades and the Velvetines range does not offer the broad spectrum of more neutral shades that the Aqua Rouge does. It all depends on the colour and finish you want to decide which of these is best for you.


Hopefully these few tips and recommendations help you out on your journey to longer lasting lipstick!