Haul: MAC Cosmetics Lip Products Haul



This has got to be a first for me. I have only ever bought a few MAC Cosmetics products before, and only usually one product per visit to the MAC counter. Since a MAC store front was opened near me recently and I knew I was hunting down a particular shade of lip liner, I thought I would give this brand a chance. Walked in to grab one product, walked out with three.


The first thing I decided I was getting was the Pro Longer Lip Pencil in More to Love. I was looking for a lighter berry-toned lip pencil that wasn’t too bold, but still pigmented enough to match a recent item I has bought last week, and this was almost a direct match. Again, I have never tried any of the lip pencils from this brand before, but felt pretty safe with a product with “pro longwear” in its name. Although this lip pencil is a tad bit more pink-toned compared to the more lilac tone of the product I was matching it with, it worked together seamlessly and lasted a really long time on my lips!


Next, while I was viewing the lipstick stand, I ended up having my eye on a lipstick that was a fairly nude shade. Now this is a first because I never go for nude shades. Maybe I’ll been watching too many YouTube beauty videos lately and have heard how great they are one too many times. I made the decision to buy my first nude lipstick with Satin Lipstick in Twig. This nude shade is only a tiny bit deeper than my actual lip colour, so I think it classifies as one of those “My Lips But Better” type of shades that people are talking about these days. I wore this lipstick through the evening and enjoyed it a lot because I was not concerned about it wearing off because no one would be able to notice because it was a nude shade. Instantly liking this lipstick a lot more!


I couldn’t make it to the checkout before grabbing a matching lip liner to match this nude lipstick purchase. I picked up a couple different shades from the counter, but stopped when I picked up the Lip Liner in Dervish. This is a very close match to the lipstick shade I picked up, and I had recently heard one of the many YouTube beauty gurus praising this product, so I went ahead and added that to my purchase. Wearing this under the lipstick last night made the lip colour last through the evening very well, so I’m very excited to incorporate this nude lip look into a more daily makeup routine now!