Haul: Mid-October Sephora Haul

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I took another walk through Sephora on a mission for a specific product, but as per usual, I left with a few new products that I’ve been wanting to give a try. I’ll start off right away with the product I was looking for, which was the NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil. I already own the Red Square shade and love it, but I wanted a shade that was slightly less bold from the same range. I ended up with the lilac rose shade Never Say Never. I really love the quality and lasting power of these lip pencils and want to eventually own a majority of the shades. Paring this with a long lasting lip primer really helps this product last throughout the day, no to minimal touch ups needed.


Secondly, I picked up the Origins GinZing Refreshing Scrub Cleanser. I have other products from the GinZing range, but have not yet tried the face cleanser. A built in gentle scrub is always a nice touch too! So far I’m really enjoying this over the past couple face cleansers I’ve used and the smell is the perfect scent to be super refreshing when I’m not fully awake in those early morning showers. I’m glad I decided to give this product a try, even if it is a slightly higher priced item than anything you’d find in a drug store. Thanks Sephora.


Now, I will admit that I have a horrible habit of just relying on makeup removing wipes and a simple eye makeup remover to take off my makeup at the end of the day, or any leftover residue in the morning, but that has now changed. I picked up the wildly popular and much loved Boscia Makeup-Breakup Cool Cleansing Oil to kick my bad habit. I have tried a cleansing oil in the past to remove makeup but wasn’t overly impressed with it, but this one was a game changer. Applying with dry hands to a fully done up face starts the magic, and then adding a little bit of water into the mix makes the oil foam the tiniest bit. One pump of this cleansing oil takes down the wall of makeup on my face, and anything left over around my eyes is then taken care of by the eye makeup remover and a cotton pad.


Lastly, I really fought with the decision on buying this product for a good solid minute. Ultimately, I ended up buying the brand new Smashbox Photo Finish Pore Minimizing Primer. I have used the version of this primer before that was supposed to fight acne and wasn’t completely sure that it had any changes in my skin’s behavior, but I am giving this one a try anyways. Smashbox Photo Finish primers are supposed to be at the top of their game as far as primers go, so that’s where I putting my trust in this product. Pore minimizing primers seem to be a big trend these days, mostly following in Benefit’s footsteps. I will continue using this one to get my money’s worth and hope that it is comparable to the best primer and best pore minimizing product out there.