November 2014 Favourites

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As November comes to a close I am here to share my favourites of the past month, and that’s what this post is all about if you didn’t notice from the title. Here are a few things I have rounded up and can officially say without a doubt that they have been my favourite things for the month of November.


Since the winter weather has blown into town already, I will start off this list with my brand new winter coat in the form of the Garage “The City” Parka. I know some people are thinking “isn’t Garage just for teenagers?” and I am here to shut that statement down. I used to love that clothing store when I was a teenager, but I can still go back to it now and find a few pieces I like now and again, including this fantastic parka. I really like the dark brown/olive green-like colour to the jacket, but what makes it stand out from other parkas is the leather-looking sections on the sleeves. I think it makes it look a bit more modern, as leather jackets are always in style. The pockets are massive and sometimes I can just stick my wallet in one pocket and my car keys and iPhone in the other and I’m good to go! The massive hood will come in handy for all those wintery freezing winds. This jacket is definitely going to keep me warm this winter and I’m glad I got the last one in my size in Hamilton when I went to buy it a few weeks ago.


To warm things up I am going to talk about a candle that was made by the heavens of woodland creatures and sent to us humans as one of the greatest candles I’ve ever smelt and seen in my entire existence thus far. The candle that I’m putting on this high pedestal is the Illume Balsam & Cedar Soy Candle. I picked up this beauty from Indigo during a bit of retail therapy and after spending a good chuck of time smelling every candle I could, this one finally caught my eye from the backside of a display table. The packaging of it is gorgeous with it’s evergreen glass jar with gold speckles. I’ll definitely be finding a way to clean with jar out after the candle is finished to use it for another purpose. The smell though, is even more outstanding than its appearance. Coming from a person that doesn’t really care for scented candles, my dad, is actually a big fan of this one. He endlessly compliments how it smells every time he smells it and I don’t blame him. I thought it would be too much of a Christmas tree scent, but even if it is, it’s completely worth it. The smell is very woodsy and fresh and if they weren’t so expensive I would have a second one lined up already! Definitely give this one a smell if you can get your nose near one.


Back into the clothing department, I’m going to mention another fashion favourite of the month in the form of a fairly basic t-shirt. The Topshop Viscose Tee is a perfect example of my kind of casual wear thatI could wear almost everyday. I own this top in the v-neck version in black and scoop neck version in grey, lately preferring the grey one the most, just because of how soft the viscose material is and it’s not a tight fit, but at the same time doesn’t look too oversized for my shape. I can wear it hanging loose or tucked in a bit for a little more structure and shape to my outfit. I know they have these tops in white as well, but I haven’t made the purchase yet because of how shear it could be. If you love wearing basic t=shirts I would definitely recommend adding one of these to your wardrobe!


I love my hand creams and that should come as no shock if you’re a regular around this blog. I love the hand creams that really hold in the moisture barrier and helps me through my horrible eczema terrors. The newest addition to my much loved hand cream collection is The Body Shop’s Hemp Hand Protector. I picked up this hand cream recently while doing some Christmas shopping because I had heard so many good things about it in the past. This hand cream was specifically made for very dry skin and that fits my hands at their worth. This hand cream really is a protector and helps any itches or raw pains go away quite quickly with a layer of moisture and relief. The smell of it lingers a little bit more than I wish, but if it’s helping my hands for the better of mankind then I will take the scent with it gladly.


For a beauty item this month I am mentioning the newest product to my collection, the Soap & Glory Solar Bronzer. This is usually not available in any Canadian stores that I’ve seen, but I’ve always had it on my wish list thanks to all the beauty bloggers and YouTubers out there raving about it so much. I finally thought to check Amazon and found it right away, ordering it with a simple click, and then waiting for its arrival. I’ve only had this bronzer for a few days now, but I’m already in love with what it can do. This duo-shade bronzer can give you the option of using two different bronzing shades for how dramatic you feel like warming up your complexion or contouring, but I have tended to just use both at once and it gives the perfect warmth to your face without looking orange at all. I was in a hurry one day and swirled my brush around a little too much and applied it like a streak, instantly trying to blend and slowly erase my mistake, but had no time to completely fix it before leaving the house. Using a scarf to cover up the paleness of my neck, I was instantly greeted with a “you look tanned!” comment from the boyfriend and that it didn’t look bad at all. Throughout the day I think the product settled into my skin a little bit more and my the end of the day I actually liked how tanned I had accidentally made myself look. I’ve learned my lessen, but now I also know I can really take this product further than I normally would for that extra boost of colour.


Lastly I will throw in a tea flavour because I’m all about that tea life now. Seeing as though we are headed in the direction of winter, I am shining a spotlight on the standout flavour offering from a limited release collection, David’s Tea Santa’s Secret black tea. This tea is perfect for the holiday season for two reasons: flavour and benefits. First of all, the flavour is a creamy peppermint flavour thanks to the real candy cane sprinkles and hint of spices used to give this a different minty flavour than you are used to. Seeing as though the holidays come with a lot of large meals and that over-full feeling a lot of people get in the evening, the peppermint tea will help decrease that bloating feeling – so any mint tea in general is a great tone to have around this time of year!