Burnt Out: Finished Candles



When I finish a candle I am equally as happy as I am sad. Happy because I finally get to move on to a new candle and new scent, but sad if it was a candle I really loved and may not be able to purchase it again ever or at least for another year if it was a a seasonal scent. I have a growing collection of used of candles on my shelves so before I discard of them I will briefly go through what I’ve been burning over the past few months. This is very similar to an empties post, but all dedicated to candles! I’m going to sort these seasonally now…


As far as seasonal scents go, I usually prefer the warmer autumn/winter scents, but I did pick up a few of the springtime scents this year that I managed to burn through, and that’s mostly just because they were super tiny and easy to burn out. First up, two of the mini Bath and Body Works Sundress candles. This is part of the White Barn Garden Collection that has bright day lilies, tonka beans, and bergamot. This was a very fresh scent, but nothing like what a sundress or clothes smell like. This was followed by another candle from the same collection, the Bath and Body Works Pink Petal Tea Cake mini candle, which smelled of rose petals, fresh cake, and vanilla. This one was on the sweeter side for sure, so I’m glad I only had the mini candle so it didn’t become overwhelming.


The is one summer scent that I managed to burn through, and that was the Paddywax Ocean Tide + Sea Salt artisan soy wax candle. This candle was one that I found in Urban Outfitters, and later repurchased from Indigo/Chapters for a tiny bit cheaper, but I was really in a fresh sea salt scent mood when I saw this and it became the first of many similar summer scents I purchased, but this one came out on top as being the best of those summer scents. It was well liked around my house, as my father isn’t too crazy about strong smelling candles, so this seemed to get an okay in his mind. I did re-purchase this one, and burnt my way half through it before switching to a different candle – as per usual.


Moving on to the autumn season, I finished up  a couple warm, delicious scents. I will mention that Yankee Candle Apple Pie candle first because it was a gift from last Christmas that I finished up several months ago. I had never seen this scent before in the couple times I was wandering through the store, but I’m glad my mother purchased this for me because it was a great scent! Very warming and it made me hungry a lot for apple pie as well, which would explain me definitely craving for pie over the past year. A few months ago when the autumn candles had their launch, I picked up the mini Bath and Body Works Warm Caramel Cider mini candle. I just find it easier to tex tout candles in smeller versions before I commit to buying a larger one if I really love it that much. This one was very similar to the apple pie candle, but made me less hungry and just brought a nice caramel apple scent to my room for the autumn season.


Now that we are in winter, all the winter time and Christmas scents have been brought into stores and for some reason people bring out espresso and coffee candles for winter and I finally finished off my big 3-wick Bath and Body Works Espresso Bar candle. When people try to make an espresso scented candle, it always ends up smelling a lot like chocolate. This can be a bit much for some people that do not like the sweetness in their candles, especially for something with an espresso name on it. It is a nice blend of roasted espresso beans and sweet vanilla. I still enjoyed this candle a lot because it wasn’t as sweet as many other candles I’ve smelled before. It wouldn’t be winter without a christmas tree smelling candle, and I finished off one of the Bath and Body Works Fresh Balsam mini candles very quickly recently and will definitely be gravitating towards these type of scents a lot during winter seasons from now on because they are a big hit!


These aren’t the only candles I’ve burned this year, but these are just the ones I’ve managed to completely use up so far. I know you may still see some of the wax candle in the jars in these photos, but they are at the point where I try to light them and the flame disappears within a minute, so they are better off being finished. I’ve got plenty more that I want to burn through and use up to clear off some room on my “candle shelf” before I go out to buy more in the new year. Winter is always a great season to burn candles, so I’m sure you will be seeing another one of these posts in the next month or two with another round-up of burnt out candles. I’ve already got a few that are probably only going to last a couple more hours before they’re used up.