Haul: Pre-Christmas Beauty Haul

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Okay, so there goes the saying or rule that you should not buy yourself anything before Christmas because you never know what other people might get you? I never follow that rule. Clearly this is evident in my recent purchases because between an online Sephora order and a recent trip to Shoppers Drug Mart left me with some new goodies in my make-up collection. Let’s dive in and see what I’ve bought myself.


The online Sephora order was completely justified for one reason: DEAL. I scored myself the limited edition and quickly sold out Tarte Bon Voyage Collector’s Set And Travel Bag. I’m usually not too intrigued by the sets and free make-up bags, but I made an exception for this vintage Parisian glamour inspired set because it is supposed to be valued at over $500! Wondering how much I ended up getting this set for? I measly $71 which was even less because of the VIB Rouge “Christmas gift” of a $25 gift card. It came in perfect timing and I bought this set without hesitation. The main reason I wanted this set was for the eye shadow palette which I shall refer to as the Tarte Bon Voyage Eye Shadow Palette. Look at all those beautiful shades! They are all Amazonian clay eye shadows, and because Tarte products are always amazing, these are a dream to work with. I did a fairly light eye makeup look the morning after receiving this and they blend really nicely and have the perfect amount of pigment to them! The make-up bag itself is definitely the nicest looking bag in my collection now and can’t wait to plan to travel somewhere just to use it. The other items in the set consisted of miniature and full size version of some of the other products in the Tarte range, all with a fairly neutral colour palette. I was really looking forward to the Tarte Maracuja Oil as well, and now I finally get to see what all the hype is around that product! I won’t go into too much detail about the rest of the items because some of them may be up for grabs in about a month or so – wink wink – so definitely keep your eyes searching for that exciting news in about a month’s time!


The other purchases made with that set included two items from the Forumla X Chrome Nail Polish range. I bought the shade Racy, a cool-toned metallic lilac silver, because it was on sale and I have a thing for lilac nail polish. To be honest it pretty much just looks silver in person, but nonetheless I’m still excited about it. The other shade I bought, Vroom, is a metallic rose gold, which doesn’t resemble the advertised colour that it shows online. Despite the big difference, this is the nail polish I chose to wear first and am forevermore calling it a metallic rose silver nail polish shade. I’m going to just say that they both just look silver, but with very subtle differences. I put on the rose gold one first and instantly fell in love with it.  These shades will go perfectly with any type of New Years celebrations! These are another two polishes to add to my collection. I don’t really own any metallic shades, so these will fit in nicely as a different approach to shiny besides the usual glitter polishes.


Every time I have gone into a drugstore in the past month or so I have been on the search for a certain lipstick, and finally I saw it on display this week. This lipstick is the L’Oréal Paris Collection Exclusive Pure Red in Blake. This matte red lipstick is a beautiful shade of red that will work perfectly for the holiday season! Of course Blake Lively’s shade would be the best because she is pretty much a goddess and anything she touches is golden, except this lipstick because it’s red, but you get the idea. I really thought the promotion behind this range was fantastic, and could not have been more perfectly timed. I bought the last Blake shade available in the store I was in and took it home to try on that night. It does have that classic grandmother perfume-like scent to it that a lot of drugstore lipsticks have, but when it came to the colour payoff it was love at first swatch.