The Perfect Polishes for Holiday Nails

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I’ve had my holiday nails planned out for a while now, but recently I’ve also acquired three different products that have easily made my holiday nail game even better! I am not much of a glitter person, but I think if any time of the year is acceptable for glitter it is the Christmas/New Years time of year, as well as your birthday. I think this look would be perfect for a New Years party, gold sparkles and all. I’m going ahead and posting it now in case you are inspired and need to run out and grab these three products, or something very similar, before the end of the year.

The Base Coat

Starting at the base coat, I’ve used the Revlon Colorstay Gel Envy in Double Down. I’ve collected a few of the shades from this range over time, but I don’t know if this one always escaped my vision or is a newer addition to the collection. This is a rose gold shimmer longer nail enamel that acts as a base coat and colour all in one product. I still usually use a base coat anyway, but for the sake of this post, it will be doing both parts. I only needed a coat or two of this on each nail and then let it dry.

The Star of the Holiday Nails

The next step and my favourite is possibly the best glitter I’ve ever purchased. The Essie Luxeffects’ Summit Of Style is a fairly large chunky gold glitter top coat. The pieces of glitter vary in size and allow you to build up how much glitter you wish to have on each nail. I think this glitter polish really brings more of the holiday and party vibe to your nails and it catches more easily in the light to make it something people won’t miss.

The Top Coat

Lastly, you need something to really lock in the work you’ve done. After quite the long time of hearing about this holy grail top coat, I’ve finally made the purchase. Not that it was expensive or anything, but the Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat is hard to find around these parts, but thanks to good old I was able to find it for a great price. I’ve only used it once so far on this nail look, but I am really impressed with how fast drying it really is! That’s all there is with this nail look. Once you’ve applied this fast drying top coat, you’re ready to go almost immediately. Don’t forget about your nails this holiday season, no matter how dressed down or up you end up making them.