Your New Holiday Red

I had to get this post written and up on the blog now before I forgot to inform everyone about my latest discovery in the world of affordable long-wearing matte lipstick. During a quick stop at Shoppers Drug Mart last night, a lipstick stand caught my eye. I was more enticed by this stand than usual. The words I saw that caught my eye were “creamy” and “matte”. These words usually don’t go together because people associate creamy with a gloss product and matte with a more drying effect on your lips. I found the perfect holiday red lipstick.


Meet your new holiday red lipstick in the form of the new Maybelline Colour Sensational Creamy Mattes. I picked up the statement red shade, Siren in Scarlet, and this morning I decided that to balance out the look of no make-up on my face I would try to rock a bold statement red lip to really shake things up. I usually only wear lipstick when I have other bits of make-up on my face, so this was a bit weird to see in the mirror.

When it came to applying this creamy matte lipstick, I put my trust in my favourite red lip liner, which is the NYX Slim Lip Liner Pencil in Hot Red to lay down a really good base for my lipstick and extra staying power. These two products ended up being a perfect colour match, so there is another bonus in this purchase. The lipstick itself applied very easily and seemed to be very creamy, but not in a lip gloss way. The lipstick did dry matte, but never in a drying way. The creamy part of the lipstick kept your lips moisturized enough to let any sort of drying effect take place and it was not sticky or uncomfortable tow ear at all. It was hardly scented, so you almost kind of forget you’re wearing it from time to time.


I really put this lipstick to the test today because throughout the day I managed to consume: a chai latte, a granola bar, a turkey club wrap, a cup of tea, two servings of pasta, and half of a massive cookie. Let’s just say that I did not try to make the lipstick last because I had it with me to re-apply when the time came, but it was never needed. The lipstick did come off on my food and cups, but it never looked like it was disappearing from my lips.

It wasn’t until about the 12th hour of wearing the lipstick and the two servings of pasta that it started to fade a bit, mostly in the middle of my lips, but that’s something a quick touch up could have fixed if needed. I was ready to take off the lipstick after dinner and was very happy with how it stayed on as long as it did. I’m definitely considering buying another shade from the range! These two products together really are a power combo, and as icing on the cake, they were both very affordable drugstore brands.