YouTube Favourites

The reason I started this whole blog all starts back at square one: my obsession with watching beauty and fashion videos on YouTube. Sure, not all the YouTubers I watch are based in those categories, but they were a heavy influence on making me realize that I also like talking about a lot of similar things and maybe other people would be interested in that sort of thing. I started my blog at the beginning of this year in January and have incorporated blogging into my (almost) daily routine. I thought I would take a moment to send some love back to the YouTubers that have been my inspiration and maybe you should give them a look because they’re all fantastic and bring something wonderful and different to the table (aka internet).


Estée Lalonde (essiebutton)

This was a no-brainer. I believe that this beauty guru and I could be really good friends if we ever got the chance to properly hang out. Estée is a Canadian YouTuber that lives in the UK, and has a really down-to-Earth approach to everything she does. From her beauty videos, to her fashion sense, and her vlogs, she is the type of person that you want to make friends with and trust with advice when she gives recommendations. I got the chance to attend a meet up when she fly home and went to Toronto and got a quick photo with her after some location troubles. If I was ever served or given pickles, I would gladly pass them her way.


Olan Rogers

Typing his name brings a smile to my face. The brilliant mind and genuine, humble heart of this man is reason enough to put him on this list. On top of those features he also makes wonderful magic when it comes to videos. All of the hilarious story time videos and full out productions he has shared with the world really demonstrate his talent and how fantastic of a human being he is. I was lucky enough to be able to meet and bear hug him this year and that was something I will cherish forever.


Meghan Rienks

The first Meghan video I ever saw immediately lead me to believe she was the twin of Amanda Bynes at her prime (She’s The Man, What A Girl Wants). Her personality in her videos is always very real and her personality shines through. She’s not afraid to make a fool of herself on camera and she mix of beauty/fashion/food videos really let’s you into her life as she makes videos that I always look forward to watching. Knowing that we have similar dietary restrictions makes me feel like we could easily go out for meals together without a problem.


Anna (ViviannaDoesMakeup)

Anna is a newer YouTuber to me this year, and probably the newest from this list, but definitely made my list of favourites with ease. I find her channel very similar to the styling of Estée’s, and for that reason I just really enjoy her videos a lot. British accents are always fascinating to listen to and her personality seems really natural and cool. I am a fan of her weekly vlog edits and look forward to watching what she has gotten up to for each installment of them.


Grace Helbig

What would this list be without the addition of the sarcastically hilarious Grace Helbig? I’ve been watching Grace for a long time, way back in her dailygrace days to her current videos and podcast Not Too Deep. If you’re ever in the need of some sarcastic and witty fun, definitely check her out. She put out a book this year to match her style of humour as well which I ordered and will eventually get around to reading!


Jenn Im (clothesencounters)

Although I don’t have the vast clothing options that this girl has, she definitely is the boss of wearing whatever she wants and making it look effortless and perfect. Jenn has a good mix of beauty and fashion videos on her channel that I always watch because they have something that most other videos don’t: shorter time. When in a bit of a rush I don’t always feel like sitting down to a 15 minute video, which is why her videos are always perfect. Sure some may be a bit longer if it’s a montage of travel clips, but usually she keeps thing short and sweet and with a really modern and wicked editing style that I love.


And More…

Here is a list of other YouTubers that I am subscribed to. I always watch whenever they upload videos: Sammi (beautycrush), Heart (ThatsHeart), Ingrid Nilsen, Suzie (HelloOctoberxo), Lily Pebbles, Bethany Mota, SORTED, Claire Marshall, Zoella, Amelia Liana, and Tyler Oakley. There are more, but this is probably already a lot to take in all in one blog post.