A Goal For Less Make-Up


One of the last things you would expect a beauty blogger to write about or want to do in life is wear less make-up. It defeats half the purpose of what they write about. I say only half because skin care is still part of the beauty routine, and I have been a lot more concentrated on that over the past couple months. In December I chose to really wear a minimal amount, or none if I was having a really good skin day, because it was such a hectic month for me that I could hardly be bothered to spend the time in the morning to do a full face of make-up just to go to work. I know some people say that putting less effort into how you look in the work force is a sign of laziness, but I have just been working hard on being comfortable in my own skin – sans make-up. Before anyone asks or says any comment about the photos with this blog post: 1) Yes I am wearing make-up in these photos, but I felt like these would be a great set to accompany my thoughts and 2) my talented friend Jingkai Wang took these photos back in November.

Does this mean I’m going to stop writing about make-up products? Far from it! I have an addiction to make-up and love trying out new products and some days call for a full face of make-up when there is a special event or night out, so I need to have the best of the best for those days. There are still quite a few days that I will wear make-up, but appear as if I’m wearing nothing. Over the past few years I have been told that I look the same with and without make-up on, and I know it is different for other people to say that because they aren’t the one staring at themselves in the mirror every single day. I know there is quite the drastic different between no make-up, minimal make-up, and my regular full face of make-up – but this is a very subtle change from the perspective of other people. Always remember that you are your own biggest critic!

I want to give a shout-out to the people that say that I look really good and have great skin on the days when I’m not wearing make-up, it’s definitely a self esteem boost to assure that I can succeed with this goal. A very special thank you to the boyfriend that loves my face, make-up or no make-up, and calls me beautiful every single day, no matter if I’m making the ugliest silly faces or just smiling.

As hopefully less of my money gets spent on make-up products and saved more for certain skin care products to keep my skin looking its best, and for the hair care products to help me through my current unicorn coloured hair phase and the damage control after I eventually bring it back to a normal human shade of hair. I definitely want to always promote healthy looking skin, so skin care is a whole challenge within itself especially because everyone’s skin is different and reacts in different ways to each product. I have gone years with wearing almost a full face of make-up every single day, and this is the first time in quite a while that I can say I haven’t worn that much make-up. It’s quite the refreshing  and exciting thought to be honest.

You can still expect to see a large portion of blog posts about make-up products, there won’t really be much of a change in the amount of content I dedicate to that side of beauty. I thought I would just write this down to keep you all in the loop for my recent goals to be more comfortable in my own skin and not rely so heavily on make-up on a day-to-day basis. Does anyone else have this as a current goal of yours? I would love to hear your own thoughts and stories. Feel free to comment below with anything you have to say on this topic.