New Year, New Desk

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It’s been a long time in the decision process, but I have finally traded in my old desk for a brand new, white and super clean looking desk to do my work at home. I had a wooden desk with troublesome drawers for as long as I can remember growing up, but over the past year I knew that in the near future I would need to go out and buy myself a new desk, and my only factor in picking the right one is that it had to be white. Shortly before the new year I took a  trip to IKEA and picked myself out the beautiful Micke desk in white at a price I could afford. I waited until January 1st to assemble it with some helpful assistance from my strong boyfriend. I usually build all my IKEA furniture myself, but it was nice to have the extra help this time around.


Cleaning out the old desk was a bit of a hellish task. I had collected the most obscene amount of useless and old junk that mostly went into the garbage or recycling of sorts. I was really in my “clearing out” mood, so almost 85% of everything emptied out of 4 drawers was discarded, and I kept the few things that I knew had to stay with me. I thought this was going to be more difficult to clean out, but it was done and taken care of in less than an hour. The new desk was built and took the place of the old one and I was ready to start re-assembling everything I had on top of my desk from before. I knew I wanted to keep my table top decorations to a minimum to keep it looking clean, but the side of the desk came with 4 cubby hole shelves for extra integrated storage. The very long and deep drawer was good for storing my stationary and writing tools, so that drawer has a lot of stuff in it, but still has more room just in case.


Not only is a white desk just an overall cleaner appearance, there is more to the story of why I had my heart set on a white desk. My room doesn’t have very many surface spaces that were available to put things on to take photos. There aren’t very many spaces in the whole house for taking photos of products, never mind a plain white surface in general. A small step in providing my readers with clean photos that are pleasing to the eyes would have a white background to start with. I’m happy with the photos I have started taking since and will continue to build my craft off of that. My room is lighted with fairly warm-toned lights, so I still have to cool down the colours in my photos a fair bit, but overall I am just really happy with my new working station and hope that it drives more creativity for the years to come!