The New Year Mindset

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Happy New Year everyone! I hope everyone enjoyed themselves as 2015 came barging in on us all. I had a fantastic evening with my boyfriend and a bunch of really awesome people and I had more fun that I had originally imagined for the night. It doesn’t matter if you were in your pajamas, dressed to the nines, or even fell asleep before midnight, I am wishing you all the best year yet! This is the time of year that people start spilling out their resolutions and goals for the year to come. I am a firm believer in both making new goals, but also to continuously try to improve all days of the year. I thought it would still be suitable to make a list of some of the things I hope to improve on or continue throughout the new year, just in case someone needs a little inspiration of their own to start the year off on the right foot. Here are just a few things that came to mind…


Declutter. I can be the person that wants to buy everything because I truly believe that I need it for one reason or another. Throughout the past year I started to slowly discard a lot of things I had been keeping away in drawers and on shelves for the past several years and I really have no value or use for them anymore. I think I started the year off with a bang for this topic because while building a new desk for my room I had to empty out all of the drawers in it and threw away at least a whole trash bag full of items that I knew I would never actually use ever again. I don’t want to get rid of all my possessions, but to get rid of things that I don’t necessarily need in my life anymore. It’s kind of like spring cleaning – but all year round. I really am trying to go through as much products as well before making a lot of new purchases to clutter up even more space. So I really have to think hard to decide if something is a need or only just a want.


Don’t Stress. Although this may be easy for some people, stress and anxiety haven’t quite really been on my good side through the past year. If I can overcome even a fraction of this or learn how to deal with it better, it would just be something good for everyone that has to deal with me. I’m starting the year off by actually doing some sort of official allergy test to sort out what I can and cannot eat for good. Making those health-related realizations will be a great help right away!


Stay Motivated. The act of motivating myself was not a struggle over the past year because I somehow managed to balance a full-time and highly stressful job with running this blog on the side in my spare time – and keeping a small portion of a social life. My motivation picked up throughout the year and I was able to create more content for the blog as time went on. There’s always a dream in my mind that one day this could become a full-time type of gig that could help me become self-employed, but I know that it takes an extreme amount of work before I can get close to that type of success. I have been super thankful for everyone’s support with the blog since I launched it last January and every time someone mentions that they like my blog it reminds me that someone is reading my blog posts and I will keep doing this for them.


Dream Big. This last one seems a little cliche, but it’s something that everyone should do. I’m not saying that we should all dream of having super powers, but just believing that we are capable of doing great things. No matter what aspect of your life, this can apply to just about everything. If I need to take a couple risks and push myself out of my comfort zone then that’s what I will have to do to overcome any doubts to keep on being creative and having dreams for myself that I would like to achieve one day. Here’s to 2015 being full of dreaming dreams and making them come true!