What’s In My Bag?

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One thing that I’ve been working on over the past couple months is to downside the amount of items I bring around with me on a daily basis. I know different lifestyles require less or more to be with you at all times, but I’ve down-sided the amount of items I carry around with me in a major way and thought it was about time I did a “What’s In My Bag” blog post!


Starting with the bag. Probably the most I have ever spent on a bag and it is still the smallest bag I own. The Marc by Marc Jacobs Classic Q Percy Bag was a purchase I made just over two years ago now, but only had been using it for nights out when I hardly had anything to bring around with me. I know I had really had my heart set on the bag that is slightly larger than this, and maybe could have fit my wallet in it, but it was double the price and this was already quite the investment. I am happy I made this purchase after all because over the last two months I have switched to it because it can stay as a cross body purse and I don’t have to worry about setting it down in my car or carrying it around with me on my arm. This purse has trained me to only keep my essentials with me at all times, and to learn to switch up the items as needed if my activities for the day change up from my normal ones.


Tackling the insides of the purse won’t take as long as most people who make posts or videos about the endless amount of items they carry around with them. I will make a quick list version of the items in my purse and a quick description or reasoning for each.


The Body Shop Hemp Hand Protector. It’s winter and I have eczema issues. I really don’t need any other reason to have this item in my bag at all times. I may switch this up for a different intense hand cream if I can find one in a small tube.


Maybelline Baby Lips Dr. Rescue in Too Cool. Another winter essential, a moisturizing lip balm with the bonus of extra healing powers. The fact that it has no colour is the easiest way for me to apply it when in need year round.


Debit / Visa. I like to buy things, so these stay on me all the time.


Other Cards. Starbucks Gold card, Shoppers Optimum Card, gift cards… the list could go on. I usually keep this to a bare minimum depending on where I am going to going. If I head to the movies I make sure to bring my Cineplex card because I have a million free movies on it currently. Okay, I exaggerated a bit, I only have 16 free movies at the moment.


Gum or Breath Mints. You have to have something to freshen up your breath, especially if going to eat somewhere or know that you will be eating something with high-garlic components in it. Unless you’re fighting vampires of course. I usually keep a pack of Excel White Bubblemint Gum in my bag for fresher breath reasons.


Bobby Pins. I recently bought a pack of gold bobby pins from H&M and switched them up with my classic bobby pins to add a bit of gold to items in my bag. You never know when you need a bobby pin for your hair or to seal up a chip bag that was not re-sealable. It happens.


Tea Bags. I usually stick to the loose leaf tea that I put in my own tea bags, but when in desperate need of a cup of tea for possible stomach issues (lovely), I have a peppermint tea and ginger tea from the Pukka brand in my bag at all times. This could just come in handy if I just really want a cup of tea somewhere with hot water as well.


Spare Money. When I can pay for something small enough that doesn’t require a card, I can use up my spare cash and change for when I go through the Tim Hortons drive thru or other similar situations.