January 2015 Favourites

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It is time for the first Favourites blog post of the year 2015! Here is my round-up of favourite beauty products and random other items that I couldn’t get enough of for the month of January.

LORAC Pro Eye Shadow Palette. Words cannot express my love for the newest eye shadow palette in my life. This is the neutral palette made in heaven that took quite a while to track down, but thank you to the world of online shopping it is finally mine. The shadows themselves are a beautiful creamy and velvety texture that blend like a dream. I can already tell this is going to be one of my most used eye products of the year and it was worth ever cent I spent on it. I agree with all the hype around the product and would definitely recommend it to others!

Marcelle 3-in-1 Micellar Solution. I have been using the same make-up remover (Bioderma if you were wondering) for most of last year, but I recently got the chance to start using this new make-up remover and I think I may like it even more! It is a refreshing cleanser that tones while it removes your make-up. It is very gentle on the skin and removes eye make-up super easily. The pump-like applicator on top works best with my cotton pads and is now the easiest method I have to removing my make-up. I will definitely be sticking with this one for a while now.

LUSH Eau Roma Water. Speaking of products that tone your skin, this LUSH product is a fairly recent purchase that I thought I would try out instead of the same kind I purchased last time. This one is much more calming and gentle on the skin as it has the essential oils of rose and lavender, the ultimate calming scent combination as well for myself. The spray application makes for a super easy application and much less waste when it comes to the cotton pads or more liquid non-spray toners. I have completely switched over to the spray version for good. For when my skin is behaving well I will use this one, and when my skin is having its off days or just during the warmer months I will reach for the Breath of Fresh Air spray toner water.

Parenthood. It seems like the end of an era when a really great show comes to an end, but that is an understatement for the end of NBC’s family drama Parenthood. This show easily became my favourite show and after 6 seasons, the series finale episode has come and gone. There were tears of sadness, there were tears of joy, there were tears just because it was over and it was beautiful. The acting is like no other, the music is always the perfectly chosen songs to accompany the scenes, and the feels that you are made to feel with this show are like no other before. This was a true family drama that really hits you in the feels and makes you fall in love with each and every character and feel completely connected to the show in every single way. Did I mention how many tears were shed? Too many to count. Hands down the best show and I am really sad to see it officially ended, but at least it got a proper goodbye season and episode.

Tristan Prettyman Hoodie Sweater. I am a sucker for buying merchandise when it comes to my favourite singers and bands, but it is always really hard with who makes the merchandise and if it is a certain style that I wear on an everyday basis. The best items I have bought to date are a Joshua Radin t-shirt and a Matt Nathanson sweater, but I think I might just have a new favourite with a hoodie that I bought after seeing a post on the Tristan Prettyman Facebook page. After some email correspondence in asking for the hoodie that I wanted, with Tristan herself (internal fangirl moment), I got my sweater in the mail and have been wearing it a lot since. Super comfy, wearable in public, and it makes me crave tacos more than I used to. Thanks Tristan!

Live Organic Raw Cashew Glow Cocoa. This drink is a thick chocolate flavoured juice containing cashew, filtered water, vanilla bean, dates, cinnamon, and himalayan salt. I have tried many juices in the past, but never considered trying a nut milk based version because I am not a fan of the normal everyday almond milk drinks. I bought this one randomly to give it a try and I noticed cinnamon was an ingredient, and bought the cocoa version instead of the vanilla, just hoping the chocolate taste would overpower the creamy taste, and it did just that! This drink was delicious from beginning to end and I have bought two more since. These types of juices are usually found at the end of the day for a juice cleanse, but I like drinking this between meals to help myself from diving into a cupboard full of snacks and treats that aren’t as high in health benefits.

Yankee Candle Mocha Nut Latte Candle. Lastly I will wrap up this favourites post with a candle because I seem to do that a lot. I was exiting my friend’s apartment one day and saw some candles and I just like to smell all the candles, and took a liking to the Mocha Nut Latte candle, and she said I could take it. It was a done deal! I thought it was going to burn a lot stronger smelling than it actually did, but it is a subtle scent that I am perfectly happy with and was burning it a lot over the last couple weeks. Thanks Tasha for the candle!