February 2015 Favourites



Although I ended up with quite a few new discoveries for the shortest month of the year, I only want to discuss a handful of them for this monthly favourites blog post.


Rimmel London Provocalips 16Hr Kissproof Lip Colour. My last blog post covered these lip products in a LOT more detail, but I just wanted to double up on how much I love these products! Besides their weakness to oil, as does most makeup, these liquid lipstick products are amazing and really do deserve the “kiss proof” title. I like them enough that I bought four different shades within 24 hours and do not regret a single one of them. Why chose between drinking from a clean coffee cup and a great lip colour when you can have both? You don’t have to pick now that these products are now available in Canada!


Sudoku. I’ve always enjoyed doing sudoku puzzles, especially back in my high school days when I wanted to avoid doing work in the library. I have picked up this addictive puzzle again as I have purchased some books that I try to do a puzzle or two a night to help me wind down before going to sleep. I really like these Pocket Posh Sudoku books because they are nice and small and I love the designs on the outside as each volume is a new design. I am on my second book now and am so addicted that I fall asleep seeing sudoku squares and tons of numbers.


Spring Inspired Nail Polish. This may come as a bit of a shock for those that have been following my blog posts all about darker nail polish colour when I say I have been loving pastel nail polish shades this past month! I have brought back out one of my all time favourite nail polishes, Essie’s Bikini So Teeny, a a sparkling, cornflower blue. Soon after I switched to what could possibly be my favourite shade of the year so far, Essie’s Full Steam Ahead, a pearlescent punch lilac. The only downside to these polishes is that you need about two to three coats to get an opaque finish, but it lasts the better part of a week lately and the colours are just lovely. They make me more excited for the weather to start getting warmer as Spring approaches.


Chelsea Metallic Gold Skirt. This is a super late purchase in the month that I almost did not consider adding this into the favourites because I bought it on the last day of February. I had to include it though – it was love at first sight. I saw this metallic skirt in the silver colour from across the Honey clothing boutique and was afraid to look at the price tag before I fell in love with it anymore. I saw the price tag, thought about it for a while, and tried it on along with the gold one that the saleslady told me about. The saleslady and a passerby customer told me that I was glowing when I walked out of the change room and that it matched my hair perfectly. I tried on the silver and liked it as well, and when it came to decision time, I knew it was the gold one that I had to buy. The material of this skirt is quite heavy and will not be easily blown up by any gusts of wind. I plan to get a lot of use out of this skirt, special events and for work, because for the price I paid I might as well live in this skirt every single day.


New Beginnings. I am starting a new job and could not be more excited! After almost a year and a half in one city I will be commuting the opposite way in the morning to a place that is relatively closer and is a new fresh start for me in the world of graphic design. I may slow down the blog posts for the first while depending on this time period of adjusting, but that will only last a short while. Keep your fingers crossed that this year gets a lot better from here on out!