OOTD: Ready For Spring

OOTD Spring OOTD Spring OOTD Spring

I may be a bit early on ditching the winter jacket, and maybe even my leather jacket, but I am extremely excited about the freezing temperatures finally leaving and all of the spring (and eventually summer) weather making an appearance! It is always a joy to be able to roll down your car windows a little bit as your drive from some fresh air from what used to be freezing or snow blowing into your car. Thanks to the winter season, I really did not wear much other than my thickest sweaters and a winter parka for a good handful of months, but I would finally like to welcome back my OOTD blog posts with this nicer weather with a special thanks to my sister for coming outside in her parka while she took photos of me dressed in, well, much less.

I have had a couple clothing items laying around while we waited for the seasons to change, and I decided to bring out two of those out for this outfit. The first one is maybe the first thing that catches your eye in these photos, the Brandy Melville Jeanne Bralette. I have had my eye on this item, and items like it, for quite a while now because there is something about cross strap detailing on a sweetheart neckline that just screams “I must have this”… and now I have it. This is a great option to wear underneath a top that may be a little bit too sheer for your liking, while still adding an extra element of looking anything but basic. To disclaim: the way I dress about 90% of the time can be considered “basic”, so I do not see that as a bad thing.

Sweater weather is not just for the autumn time. When you can ditch any sort of jacket for just a sweater, then that is my favourite type of weather. My favourite BDG plaid button up from Urban Outfitters gets used as much as humanly possible when it is appropriate, and I felt it was a nice pop of pattern and colour to contrast against the rest of the outfit being pretty much all black. They do not sell the exact same style of sweater anymore, but I found on that is similar here.

The second item that I have been waiting to bust out of their box is my brand new Vans Classic Perforated Black Slip-On Sneakers. I have never owned a pair of Vans before, but the times are changing and I thought I would try out something different from my usual Toms this year. They are waiting on standby if needed. I honestly wish that the leather was not perforated, but I still think that these have a great overall look for casual outings when you need something less than boots, but more than flip-flops. I am working on breaking these in still as I am currently testing out the “water to ice in a bag” trick. I will report back on this if it works.

Two items in this outfit that I am criminally repeating until the end of time: my fedora hat and black skinny jeans. My hat, if you have seen my OOTD posts in the past, is the Talula Pelham Hat from Aritzia. I am not exactly a hat person, but this hat is the exception. Black skinny jeans can be found in many different materials and quality, but I decided to bring out my high-waisted Topshop MOTO Black Leigh Jeans. These are definitely winning the award for the softest material of jeans I have ever tried on, but I am not always so crazy about the high-waisted style. I felt it would work for this outfit due to the lack of top covering my midriff. Sometimes coming out of freezing weather and showing off midriffs can be too crazy and revealing of a risk, so I am happy with the pairing that I made for this outfit.

I know it is not really part of the outfit, but I am clinging onto my Starbucks Cold Cup Tumbler (similar here) which was filled with some delicious iced coffee. Of course I chose to make iced coffee on a day when the office felt like winter again, but I still enjoyed my cold drink anyways. It is always so much easier to carry around a cold drink in comparison to a hot drink. Side note: Keep an eye out for my new iced coffee-related blog post coming your way shortly!