OOTD: Boring Is Best


I cannot help but to gravitate towards the comfiest and most relaxed outfits when I am lounging around the house or on some quick errands on a weekend. This past Saturday I went to Hamilton’s own Girl On The Wing, a retail boutique specializing in vintage clothing and nostalgic wares, on a specific mission to pick up a certain t-shirt from what could possibly my new favourite brand that I want one of everything from. Unfortunately the shirt I wanted was not in stock in my size, but I did manage to score another shirt to feature in this OOTD blog post.

The brand is called Stay Home Club and it is based out of Montreal, which makes it even cooler in my mind, and their clothing and theme is perfectly aligned with my thoughts. A day after I first saw something about this brand my sister came home with a few of their products and I was instantly in need of getting some items for myself. At the boutique I picked up the Boring is Best Two Tone Tee (here) and put it on as soon as I got home. The shirt is quite long, especially for a shorter person like myself, so I have tucked in a fair bit of the shirt in a messy way to match the laid back feel to the outfit as a whole. I do not own anything colour blocked or two toned as much as this shirt, so I thought it would be a nice contrast piece. Some of you may go and say that boring is not a good thing, but on the contrary I beg to differ. I can be a fairly boring person depending on what type of mood I am in, and a lot of the time I am feeling worn out and overall a little bit boring. I wear this shirt proudly, not as a demeaning comment towards myself. If anyone is wondering, I did in fact order the shirt I wanted in the first place and will likely feature that in a blog post within the next week when it arrives.

A shirt like this comes in handy for a lazy weekend with some ripped denim jeans because that happen to be the comfiest in my opinion. The pair I am wearing is from the American Eagle Outfitters Skinny Jean line and in a much lighter wash than I am used to, considering I usually just wear black pants. I am not sure if the exact wash is still available, but the same line is still available here.

At the boutique, I also picked up a gemstone necklace with a lapis lazuli gemstone in it. I picked a necklace that wasn’t too long in length, but picking the gemstone was the hard decision. I spent a good amount of time deciding between all the options, but ended up with the lapis lazuli because of the darker celestial blue colour which I have been loving a lot lately. I don’t know if I believe in all the magical powers of certain gemstones, but the history behind this one is quite interesting and I am secretly hoping it is all true.