Staying Matte with the Porefessional Stick


If you know your way around the beauty counter, then you have probably heard of The POREfessional from the brand Benefit Cosmetics. If you have not heard of it, the basic points about it are that it is a balm that minimizes the appearance of your pores. It received tons of great reviews since it first came out and is well known in the world of minimizing the appearance of pores. I have tried this product myself in the form of sample packages, but was never really completely sold on it, or at least to buy the full size product. I have tried a couple of other similar products since, but nothing has really been a “must have” in my mind.

It is now 2015 and there is a new contender in the race for minimizing pores. Enter the Benefit Cosmetics The Porefesstional: License To Blog, an instant oil-blotting stick for a mattified complexion. Based off of the same line as the original balm and follow-up powder, this products comes in stick form that you apply directly to your face. Kind of like rubbing a glue stick on your face, but without any sticky residue. This oil-blotting stick keeps your face matte and free of shine for up to six hours after application. The specially designed triangular tip targets shiny zones with ease, which happen to usually be the sides of your nose, forehead, and chin, in order to give you a more smooth and flawless finish.

I have used the Porefessional stick on a few different occasions now and I am not sure about this product yet. When you first apply the stick to your face it does instantly make your skin look more matte and much less shiny, but I am not sure about the longevity of this product throughout the day. I considered returning this product to Sephora, but I decided to keep it to keep using it. The price point of this product is C$24 at Sephora, which happens to be quite a bit cheaper than the original balm product. I have a feeling this product might come in handy once the weather really starts heating up and I will be glad I kept it around.

Have you tried this new oil-blotting stick yet? Let me know your thoughts below in the comments!