November Purchases (Part 2)

November Haul: Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Lipstick in 1975 Red, Lipstick Queen Invisible Lip Liner November Haul: Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Lipstick in 1975 Red

I’m back with a part two to my November Purchases! If you missed the first part of my November haul, you can read that post here. This time around I am focusing on the lip products that I have decided to make mine this month. I am trying out a product I have been lusting after for quite some time and a product from a brand I have never tried before. Let’s begin, shall we?

When the blogging and youTube community go crazy over a lip product, you know that it is worth the hype. This is what happened with the infamous Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Lipstick. I have been wanting to get my hands on at least one of these lipsticks for quite some time after hearing so many great reviews of the pigments, the lasting power, and the formula. I have contemplated buying a shade, although not exactly cheap, for quite a few months, but could never decide on a shade. It is unfortunate when you cannot see certain brands to swatch them for yourself and can only judge online photos and videos. It’s just not the same. In comes the Charlotte Tilbury X Norman Parkinson collection, including two new limited edition shades to the Matte Revolution collection, and my jaw drops instantly for the shade named 1975 Red. This is the first item in my November purchases.

First of all, holy moly that’s a bright red! I always considered it to be an orange-red from online photos, but once I purchased it, my mind instantly switched to think it was a pink-red. I am just going to say it is a coral-red, or as Tilbury puts it “a sunset red”. Second of all, having “1975” in the name instantly makes my mind connect it to one of my favourite bands (The 1975) and so that was justification enough for me. As clarification, this is not the actual connection. This name came from the lipstick shade from a British Vogue cover from May 1975, shot by Norman Parkinson, hence the collection. Anyways, this lipstick is in fact very bright, very coral red, and very awesome in every single way. It lasted through a whole lunch and most of a dinner. Touch ups are nice, but I am definitely in love with this product and want more shades from the collection now. Side note: please don’t mind the scratch on the swatch photo, my cat happened shortly before taking that photo.

When I brought the lipstick from NET-A-PORTER, I felt I had to add something else to my shopping cart to make the shipping fees less scary for just one product. I searched the site and found many lovely things that I wanted, but at a lower price point I settled on the Lipstick Queen Invisible Lip Liner. This product works to stop lipstick from feathering and helps the colour stay in place. Being invisible, it goes with every lip colour and skin tone! I have always wanted to try something from this brand as a whole, but it became hard to find online, and even more so in person. The one location that carried it anywhere remotely close to me ended up closing soon after I discovered the brand over a year ago. I already had a lipstick in my shopping cart, so I went on a safe route and bought an invisible lip liner. I always thought the idea behind these types of lip liners were incredible, but they come with a downfall of not being able to see where you applied it. It’s all a guessing game. I went with my gut and got this lip liner and paired it with the lipstick as soon as it arrived. A good duo if I do say so myself. I really hope to venture more into the Lipstick Queen brand soon and try more of their cult classic lipsticks.

That’s it for the lip products that I got for this November haul! I did pick up another lipstick, but I am likely returning it, so I am skipping that one for now because I think I ended up just getting a bad product in a batch. There is likely going to be one more November purchases blog post, I can just feel it.