OOTD: My Aritzia Summer Favourites

OOTD: My Aritzia Summer Favourites

Nothing says easy summer style like a reliable go-to outfit. This summer I have settled back into my normal summer style, but this year I have noticed a lot of repetition with three particular clothing items. What’s even more fascinating is that they all were purchased from the same store, Aritzia. Let me talk about this outfit from top to bottom.

The hat.

Unfortunately, this outfit starts off with a tragedy. My favourite Talula Pelham Hat that has been featured many times on this blog is no longer in my possession. Last fall I went on a trip to Mexico and devastatingly left my hat resting on a lamp. This incident did not occur to me until I was on a flight back to Toronto. Sure, I could just buy a new one, but I think the colour of the hats offered now has changed slightly. I may still buy one in the future because I loved it very much. In a recent shopping adventure to replace that hat, my eyes happened to spot the Talula Eau Claire Hat in the dark olive shade. The moment I set it on my head I knew I was taking that home with me. I always wanted to buy a floppier hat and now I have one. It’s a tiny bit big for my head, but that will only matter if I am in a very windy place.

The tank top.

Where do I begin with the Wilfred Free Burnette Tank? I absolutely adore this style of top and currently own it in two different colours. I own the heather grey and a shade they call “Moody/Lila”, a heather purple-red colour. It is very flowy, and even though I am not a fan of long tank tops due to my lack of height, I love it with this top. I want to add at least one more colour to the collection, a light grey. This will be perfect for making a summer tan really show in contrast. I wear these tank tops way too much, but that just goes to show how much I really adore them.

The shorts.

This would be the item of clothing I have owned the longest. I’ve owned these shorts for 2-3 years but have not worn them in at least two years. the Talula Starboard Short. I know for a fact that they fit me perfectly when I first bought them, but last year when I tried them on they were a bit tighter than I remembered. This year they fit again and I could not be happier to have another pair of shorts to pick from. The “sailor style” of shorts is very classy in comparison to my normal denim shorts. The lack of side pockets is a bit of a downfall with these shorts, but I look past that most days. I usually wrap a plaid shirt around my waist to complete the look. I can always put it on as a normal button up shirt if it gets too chilly while I am out and about.

Do you have any favourite summer staples from Aritzia? Let me know in the comments below!