A KIKO Milano Experience & Haul

KIKO Milano Haul

When a Canadian girl goes on a European vacation, the world of accessible beauty products opens up. Throughout Italy and France, there were a handful of KIKO Milano shops that kept popping up. I knew this was my greatest chance of having the opportunity to purchase some of their products. I have always heard great things about their products from online beauty bloggers and YouTubers. Trying to decide on a product to buy without knowing much about a brand is a very tricky task. I didn’t know what was considered a bestselling product in their vast collection of cosmetics and skin care.

Rosy cheeks? Yes please.

I set my sights on what looked like a new blush collection. The Blush Cocoa Shock blushes contain two blush shades that you can use separately or a little bit of both to create your own shade. Immediately I picked the shade 02 Silky Rose and Mauve because I like muted rose and mauve shades for blushes. Unfortunately, the store I was in was sold out of that shade, but another store luckily had it in stock. This product is one of my favourites to apply because of the scent. It definitely gives Too Faced a run for its money when it comes to a delicious vanilla-cocoa scent.

Flower-infused highlighter? I’ll take one!

I was only going to buy the blush, but then a highlight caught my eye. I made an impulse purchase with the Enriched Design Flower Highlighter. This highlighter is two illuminating highlighter shades in a small compact pan. It is a buttery powder highlight that has been infused with flower petals extracts. This product applies like a dream and gives the perfect amount of highlight. This is my current highlighter of choice because I wanted to switch it up a bit from the other highlighting products I have been using this year.

The ultimate mattifier from KIKO Milano.

This trip wasn’t complete without picking up a couple products for a makeup artist friend. I chose up two primers and let her chose the one she wanted, leaving me with the other. I now have the Matte Face Base primer and I am actually really happy with how much I love it. This primer has definitely stepped up my game when it comes to mattifying my face makeup. I prefer the texture and ease of application of this primer over my other matte primers, especially over the mattifying Make Up For Ever primer.

Three stand out products that I am really happy to have in my collection now! All of these KIKO Milano products have worked their way into my day-to-day beauty routine. If you ever have the chance to buy any products from this brand I would highly recommend it! Have you tried any KIKO Milano products?