Covet Lash Extensions: Mascara, But Better

I have wanted lash extensions for well over a year now, but never quite made the decision to get them done. Fast-forward to the present and Ali of Covet Lash & Brow Parlour invited me in to finally experience the joy of lash extensions here in Hamilton, Ontario. I wasn’t able to get amazing quality photos after the procedure, but I went old-school with Photobooth for these lovely snaps.

Lash Extensions Procedure

Covet Lash & Brow Parlour is located inside of Located inside Flourish Skin Studio & Eco Spa, which overall has the aesthetic that dreams are made of. I arrived for my appointment and was treated with the most genuinely amazing service. This appointment was made better with the James Bay album playing throughout a majority of the procedure, which is a super lovely happenstance. It helps to be a little sleepy when going for this procedure because you must have patience during this procedure. I got the “Mascara But Better” lashes, and it definitely lives up to the name. Ali and her steady hands went to work and did their magic over the next two and a half hours.

The Results

However long the appointment took, Ali was right. It was all worth it for the results. Holy lashes! I was completely obsessed with the lashes and couldn’t stop looking in the mirror. I still look in the mirror more than normal. My lashes naturally are hardly noticeable, so seeing the results after were a wonderful shock. I received many compliments on the lashes and it really opened my eyes to how quick my morning routine can be with lash extensions. I can completely cut out any eye makeup, or even go without makeup because it makes that drastic of a difference. Skin issues and all, I went out and about a whole day without makeup and felt confident.

Aftercare and Afterthoughts

The toughest part was to keep the lashes dry for up to 24 hours post-appointment. My eyes water more than the average person and I also have oily eyelids. I will definitely keep these factors in mind next time I get lash extensions done. I’m careful with the products I apply anywhere close to my eyes. I am really hoping to keep the lashes for as long as possible. They have started shedding a lot, but mostly due to my oily eyelids. I;m a beginner with lash extensions and can do more to prevent the shedding in the future. Next time I will be using a primer to help control the oil. I do plan to get lash extensions done again in the future – the results are completely worth it. They may not last that long this time, but I’ll do more research to extend their wear next time.