Nirvana Bourbon: My New Scent for 2017

New year = new scent? Sure, why not! I have had my eye – and nose – on one of the newer scents Elizabeth and James ever since they were released this year. I already am the proud owner of Nirvana Black, but I am growing my fragrance collection with Nirvana Bourbon.

Why I Picked Nirvana Bourbon

This new scent is a blend of vanilla bourbon, oakwood, and tuberose. There is something about a slightly more unisex fragrance that captures my senses. I don’t gravitate towards the more floral and fresh scents as much. This warm and woody scent took many sniffs and a sample spray to finally enable me to make the plunge and purchase it. I find Nirvana Bourbon more subtle than the strength of intoxicating Nirvana Black. Nothing against Nirvana Black, it can just tend to be a bit stronger than people prefer at times. It is great to layer on the perfume yourself instead of spraying too much in one spray.

The packaging always in a strong win in my opinion for Mary-Kate and Ashley’s Elizabeth and James brand. Very sophisticated, elegant, and something I want to showcase on my shelf. The Nirvana Bourbon bottle has an amber-orange shaded bottle that is a little bit see-through, as the Black and White bottles were opaque. Maybe not my favourite colour, but definitely helps differentiate from the other scents.

This Boxing Day fragrance purchase is not replacing any of my old perfumes. I simply do not want to run out of my other favourite scent so soon. My summer scents don’t seem to fit as well during the winter. Adding similar fragrances to my collections gives my more variety each and every day. Read up more on the scent and see the pricing on everything from a rollerball to the biggest spray available here.