Tangle Teezer: The Only Brush For Me

tangle teezer

I have been a massive fan of Tangle Teezer hair brushes for quite some time. I used other hair brushes many years ago, but once I started using a Tangle Teezer well over a year ago, I didn’t look back. When I picked up the Original brush from Sephora, I picked one of their great combinations of colours: purple and pink. I kept it on my countertop and threw all my other brushes in a drawer. My hair is quite troublesome. Tangled, damaged, thin, and can hardly keep a hairstyle without falling flat soon after. I found one thing I could aid with was the ease in detangling my hair post-shower.

Tangle Teezer is known for their two-tiered teeth system technology. It features long and short brush teeth to detangle and smooth our your hair as you brush through. It may seem like something other brushes have accomplished, but the Tangle Teezer just seems to do it better. Some professional brushes can get quite pricey, but the Tangle Teezer seems to keep an affordable and reasonable price for the greatness they offer.

Adding the Tangle Teezer Compact Styler to My Collection

The team behind Tangle Teezer sent me the Compact Styler to help make travelling even easier. I always threw my Original brush into my bags when going on a vacation or weekend trip. The Compact Styler is ideal for travel as it’s handbag-friendly and does the same amazing things as the full-sized version. My brush is the limited edition Lulu Guinness compact styling hairbrush. Lulu is a British accessories fashion designer, famous for featuring the classic red lip design in her pieces. This is my first experience of a brush beside the Original, but the rest of the range intrigues me.

Have you ever tried using a Tangle Teezer brush before? I highly recommend it! Let me know about your experiences with the brushes in the comments below.