Clean Beauty with Think Dirty

I was thrilled and lucky to receive the March Beauty Box from Think Dirty. A box of much cleaner and greener beauty and skin care products to use without worrying about the ingredients list. These boxes are packed full of products from brands who support Think Dirty’s mission of shopping for less harmful products. This wonderful box of goodness comes from the original Think Dirty phone app.

Never heard of the Think Dirty app? It’s a very easy and convenient way to learn about the ingredients in your beauty and personal care products. You just have to scan the barcode and the app will give you more information on the product, such as its ingredients and some cleaner options you could also be using. So if you’ve ever considered going more green and clean with your beauty products, this app will be your best friend! Keep reading to find out more about the beauty box.


think dirty beauty box

More about the Think Dirty Beauty Box

I bet you’re wondering what type of products you get in the Think Dirty Beauty Box. Well, I am here to answer that question for you. When it came to March’s box, I didn’t know where to start in this box that was stuffed to the brim. You definitely get your money’s worth! I reached in and pulled out the Urban Alchemist peppermint and coffee scrub. I am a big fan of coffee scrubs as it is already, but adding peppermint to it was the one thing I didn’t know I was missing. Although this was a small pot of the scrub, I am going to savour every bit of it as I continue to treat myself to it.

The Bare Bones Body Tattoo Balm is a moisturizing balm that really comes in handy when you really need it. It is a fantastic blend of moisturizing ingredients, such as organic shea butter, olive oil, and coconut oil. I like rubbing this on my hands when they start to feel really dry – and that happens very often. As far as the name goes, if you have a tattoo, it helps give it more healing nutrients to heal up quick.


think dirty beauty box

One of my favourite things that I pulled out of the box was the Coconut Lip Balm from Erin’s Faces. From the simple coconut scent to the amazing ingredient list, I am all over this. I’m a big fan of this lip balm because it helps hydrates and heals my dry lips. I keep this on my computer desk so that I always have it nearby to re-apply. You may have caught some Instagram Stories of me showing my love for this lip balm.

As far as more beauty products, there were a couple loose eyeshadows in the box as well. I don’t have very many loose pigments in my makeup collection, so these were a nice surprise. I am not a big lover of lip glosses, but I tried this one because there was one in the box. Rich with a strawberry scent and light pink pigment, I found this very comfortable to wear and kept it with my other lip products to reach for more often.

think dirty beauty box innersense


I know that there is a lot of brands that are trying to release cleaner options for shampoos and conditioners. This box helped acheive that with two full-sized bottles from Innersense. The gentle cleaning shampoo is great for for fine to normal hair. It leaves your hair healthy, full of body and vitality, without residue or dryness.

The lightweight and hydrating conditioner increases the moisture in your hair. It has a very thick consistency, but even for a person with fine hair, it did not add any extra weight to my hair lengths. It made my hair easy to detangle and showing less frizz. My hair desperately needed purple-toned products for my very recently platinum-dyed hair, but I am keeping these bottles in rotation because they smell great and make my hair feel even better.

There were still more goodies in the box, including a natural deodorant, more skin care, and even some luxurious body oils. There do give out extra samples for early orders. The bottom line is: If you want cleaner beauty but don’t know where to start, you have a couple options. You can download the Think Beauty app today to start your cleaner beauty journey as one option. Or you can buy a box to jump start your collection! Think Beauty provided me with a coupon code for anyone interested. I make nothing from it, you just get a nice discount. Use NICOLE5OFF to get $5.00 off your beauty box. I’m grateful to have had this opportunity to learn about more clean beauty options.