New Release: Blur Liquid from MILK MAKEUP

milk makeup blur liquid

Everyone loves a hot new release, especially in the beauty world. Another new product promising many things at once. Keep reading to find out why I couldn’t resist buying the new Blur Liquid Matte Foundation from MILK MAKEUP and my thoughts after several days of wearing it.

The Blur Liquid Promises

This matte foundation promises to blur pores and fine lines while providing weightless full coverage. So in other words, it’s promising the appearance of flawless skin. Under the circumstances of my uncontrollable skin for the past while, having flawless-looking skin would be a nice change. I have a lot of matt foundations in my collection, but none can seem to master the flawless aspect. The formula is unique because when it blurs out pores and imperfections it claims to be using blurring microspheres, tiny powder-filled spheres that diffuse the light to leave a flawless, soft focus effect.

This tube packaging features a no-drip package that is easy to squeeze out exactly the amount of product you need each time. The foundation is vegan, cruelty-free, and free of oil and silicones. It is recommended to use with their beautifully holographic Dab + Blend applicator, but Sephora was already sold out when I placed my order online.

The Results

When I say that I am actually impressed with this foundation, do not take that lightly. I was actually wowed at the blurring effect that it created as it evened out my skin tone and covered my imperfections more than any other foundation I currently own. Yes, that is a bold claim. The first time I applied this foundation, I used my Urban Decay Optical Blurring Brush. It was not blending out that well and looked a bit streaky, so I switched it up. I brought in my trusty Beauty Blender sponge and it evened everything out perfectly. It does dry down rather quickly, not being tacky at all, and does have a matte finish in the end. For anyone wondering, I bought the second lightest shade, Fair, and it ended up being a really good match.

I have applied a variety of powders on top to set the Blur Liquid. Sometimes the powder makes my skin look a bit dry, sometimes it is fine. I have the new Glossier Wowder on its way to me right now, so I’m very anticipating the results of that powder. The Laura Mercier and RCMA loose powders were the ones that ended up on the drier side. By the end of a work day, my skin has a bit of shine to it, due to the fact that I have oily skin. It does not break up the foundation, as the foundation does its job and stays put all day long.

I would definitely recommend this new foundation to anyone that likes a full coverage base that does not budge. It does feel very lightweight and has not caused me to break out at all yet. The Blur Liquid is a purchase that I am extremely happy with right now!