Ole Henriksen Takes on Hygge

It’s no secret that Ole Henriksen is known for amazing quality skin care products. What may be lesser known, is the practice of hygge. Hygge, pronounced “hooga” or “hoo-guh” is the Danish practice of coziness. Bringing elements of a cozy atmosphere into your life to make it better is something I am 100% agreeing with. Ole Henriksen has finally introduced the Hygge HydraClay™ Detox Mask. This mask is also the third step in the brand’s Power Peel system, but now it is available on its own for that extra comfort in your life.

Ole Henriksen Adds The Hygge Mask

I am currently typing this post as I have my face covered in this luxurious and comforting facial mask all over my face. This mask is a mixture of clay and five botanical oils that work together to purify and hydrate your skin. The perfect solution when it comes to dry skin and redness, which speaks to me on the redness level at the moment. It is currently working to calm my skin as I have left it on for the suggested 10 minutes before rinsing it off. The application was super easy and very comforting and gentle to my skin.

As far as ingredients, the HydraClay helps draw out all of the impurities in your skin. At the same time, this clay is giving your skin the hydration it may be lacking. The kaolin has detoxifying properties, bringing out the daily grime that could be negatively impacting your skin. The blend of botanical oils helps on the hydration front. The remaining ingredients are working to calm and refresh your skin.

ole henriksen hygge hydraclay detox mask

Let me go rinse this off now before I conclude this blog post.

They really were not kidding about reducing redness. I have now rinsed off the mask and noticed a distinct difference! My face was reacting poorly to something over the past day, but currently looks a lot more relieves and calm. An instant win in my books! I will definitely be continuing to use this on a possible weekly basis to help keep my skin calm and add that comfort to my life. My first introduction to their Nurture product range (the purple one), has been an absolute dream! I’ll slowly be testing out some other products from the brand, like the Wonderfeel Double Cleanser and more from my favourite Truth collection!