Cleansing Wipes to the Rescue

cleansing wipes from Aveeno and Neutrogena

I don’t have to be the person that yells at the world about how important it is to wash your face every night. However, I will push a bit of advice your way. It does not matter if you wear makeup or not, washing your face before sleeping is extremely important. Removing unwanted dirt and makeup helps you in the long run by going to sleep with clean skin. Your biggest excuses consist of “I’m too tired” and “I don’t have time”. Sound familiar? I used the first excuse a lot many years ago. Even if you are not using a cleanser, there is one quick and easy way to help clean your skin: cleansing wipes. Almost every single care brand has some version of a makeup wipe or a cleansing wipe, and that’s to your benefit. There are so many brands that offer different types of cleansing wipes to suit different skin types and skin needs. Today I will be covering some very popular wipes from Neutrogena and Aveeno.

Cleansing Wipes from Aveeno

If you are a regular reader of my blog, you may know that I have a deep love for Aveeno’s Positively Radiant Makeup Removing Wipes. I have empties posts dating back to 2015 in which I featured these wipes. These wipes remove any dirt or oil from your face, as most wipes do. It fights to remove all makeup from your face, including the waterproof kinds. What makes these particular wipes special is that fact that they are very moist and don’t strip your face. The key ingredient of Aveeno’s total soy complex helps with tone, texture, dullness, blotchiness, and brown spots on your skin. I struggled in the past with cleansing wipes that would dry out before I finished off the pack, but never ran into that issue with these Positively Radiant wipes. They have been repurchased too many times to count, and for a great reason!

I already know that Aveeno is the master of cleansing wipes, so I wanted to see if the same quality held up for another type of cleansing wipes they offer. I am currently using Aveeno’s Ultra Calming Gentle Makeup Removing Wipes. These wipes are meant for people with sensitive skin, like me. Nothing worse than finding an amazing cleansing wipe, but your skin is too sensitive and reacts poorly to it. That has happened to me in the past as well. Right off the bat, this pack comes with one of the best seals. Instead of trusting a sticker to save your wipes from drying out, this has a lid that you can firmly shut. These gentle, oil-free cloths remove dirt, oil, and all of your makeup. The key ingredient for these wipes is referred to as “Calming Feverfew” and is related to chamomile. It helps to rebalance and soothe your skin. I have noticed less redness in my face since I started using these, so these wipes could be one of the factors that are helping balance my skin tone. Really impressed with these wipes Aveeno!

Cleanse with Neutrogena

A classic skincare brand like Neutrogena is going to have a wide variety of cleansing wipes for you. You just have to decide which one is most beneficial for your skin. You could go with their original formula in their All-in-One Make-up Removing Cleansing Wipes. These wipes do all the normal cleansing tasks of removing dirt, oil, and makeup. They also tone your skin while using and leave your skin feeling fresh. The hydration properties keep the wipes from drying out your face, which we want to avoid… even for oily skin. If you are a little bit more sensitive to fragrance, they have even released a newer fragrance-free version of the same wipes.

Does your skin need a bigger boost of moisture? Neutrogena has the cleansing wipes meant for you! Their Hydrating Make-Up Remover Cleansing Towelettes have even more hydration than the original formula. These hydrating wipes consist of hydrating plus skin-soothing cucumber and aloe extracts that leave your skin feeling soft and conditioned. Do you have acne-prone skin? They have you covered too! Their Oil-Free Pink Grapefruit Cleansing Wipes are just what you need. These wipes are pre-moistened with natural grapefruit extract that helps to sweep away pore-clogging impurities. Neutrogena designed these wipes specifically to help those fighting with acne to help take care of that skin concern.

Do I Still Need a Cleanser?

So, now you have yourself a pack of makeup wipes and can call it a day. Well, not entirely. Although cleansing wipes can remove almost every impurity from your face, it still doesn’t match the power of a cleanser. I’m not one to talk as I rely on only a cleansing wipe about 90% of the time. Cleansing wipes can help remove makeup and dirt, but using a cleanser after, even if just a gentle one, can still do the job better. I am just providing you with your best option for those days when you are too tired, too lazy, or in a pinch for time or supplies. Cleansing wipes have made a massive difference in my evening skincare routine. I hope after reading this, you will make sure to cleanse at the end of the day, even if it’s just with a cleansing wipe. You can shop all of the wipes I mentioned in this blog post below.