OOTD: Dirty Dancing, Apple Picking

dirty dancing shirt ootd apple picking outfit dirty dancing shirt

If you go apple picking and didn’t post any photos, did you actually go? After a morning of styling some autumn-inspired outfits, the weather took a turn for the warmer. It’s Thanksgiving weekend in Canada (the October Thanksgiving) and it was nearly 30 degrees Celsius! I immediately changed clothes between outings and piece together a simple summer outfit for our next stop at an apple orchard. Keep reading to find out more about this nostalgic Dirty Dancing top that I’m in love with. Welcome back to the OOTD posts!

The Dirty Dancing Outfit

When I spotted this Dirty Dancing top while walking into Urban Outfitters about a month ago, I knew I had to buy it no matter what. It’s a favourite movie in my family, and for good reason. Not only does this boxy tee feature the title on the front, but it also features a photo of one of the best scenes on the back. It is a no-brainer that I had to pair the shorts the most closely resembled the photo. I always reach for my trusted American Eagle shorts, which were perfectly high-waisted. It would have made a great moment if someone had started playing “Wipeout” from the scene in the movie. With my hair down, it covers most of the back photo, but while I’m moving around it’s definitely viewable. Surprise, surprise… I wore my Toms again! I was in a different pair of shoes throughout the morning, so this was a comfier option. Especially when it comes to walking around the orchards.

Do you have any nostalgic movies or shows that you would add to your wardrobe if you saw them on a clothing item? Do you also love the Dirty Dancing film like me? Let me know in the comments below. Interested in any of the clothing mentioned in this post? You can shop the outfit below if you want any of the pieces of the outfit!