Holiday Gift Guide: Staple Clothing Items

It’s November and the gift guide content has begun! The moment the clock strikes midnight after Halloween, the onslaught of Christmas decor is thrown in your face. Some people have already started their holiday shopping, so gift guide blog posts in the early days of November is not shocking anymore. I’m coming at you today with the first wave of gift ideas in the form of clothing items. One of the trickiest things to purchase for people is clothing. People can be extremely picky about their style and may not appreciate a sweater that you like and thought they might like. I am one of those picky people that clothing can be very hit or miss. I basically have to pick out a piece and tell someone to buy that exact item for me.

First of all, shopping local in boutiques always makes a big difference. When you shop in big name brand stores, there’s a higher chance of things being overpriced, crowded, and the same thing you’ve been seeing for months or years. Boutiques bring in clothing from brands you have likely never heard of before. They only source the best of the best! I got to look through Boa Boutique to see if there were some excellent examples of clothing items that would fit nicely into a gift guide for holiday shopping. I visited the location in Oakville, but they also have another location in Toronto as well. Picking out a few items was a bit tricky in the sense that I had trouble narrowing it down. The following clothing items are all suggestions as to what I think would make for great gifts.

The Boutique Gift Guide

Boa Boutique Blush Moto Jacket

The Blush Jacket

Don’t get me wrong, clothing is hard to buy for people in general. Do you know someone in your life that has a love of leather-moto-like jackets, but still likes to add a feminine touch? A blush-toned jacket might be the perfect gift. The moment I spotted this jacket in Boa Boutique, I knew that I needed it. I usually dress in blacks and greys, but this blush jacket was screaming for me to buy it. Over the years, I disliked the colour pink for many years but finally decided to embrace my love of the softer pastel tones of the colour. I own a black jacket very similar to this and was in the market for a replacement. Although it has made it through five years, it was flaking around the neck and I needed something new. This blush jacket came at the perfect time. Although it does not give the same edgy vibe to an outfit, it adds an element of class and femininity to an outfit as a whole. There is something special about blush clothing that makes you feel special and this jacket does just that! A jacket like this is not that common to come across, so it is likely that a lot of people do not own a jacket in this colour.


Boa Boutique Pleated Black Skirt

The Pleated Skirt

Over the past year, I have developed a love for long pleated skirts. They come in all sorts of different colours, making your possibilities nearly endless. I own one in a tan shade that started off my love for them. I then extended my collection with a metallic gold and silver version of the skirt for the fancier outfits. Another great option? Black. Here we go back to my the main colour of my wardrobe. I think you can dress up a long black pleated skirt with the right top, or dress it down to be more casual if you wish with a t-shirt. This black skirt has a tiny bit of reflective glitter-like detailing that catches the light when in the right spot, elevating it from being just plain black. As long as the person you’re buying for is into wearing skirts, I think this is a pretty safe option as a gift.


Boa Boutique Dark Floral Dress

The Flowy Dress

Yes, dresses can be a very tricky thing to buy for people. If you are buying for someone you know like that back of your hand, this may not be as tricky. I think a flowy dress like this dark floral one is a safer bet on the dress spectrum. It is not form-fitting, but still very elegant. The flowy aspect of the dress makes it a lot easier to guess sizing if you don’t know off the top of your head. The floral print does not make it too feminine but adds the slightest element to the otherwise dark option. I matched this dress with the blush jacket to bring back some light tones to the outfit. The addition of sleeves helped as the colder months definitely call for layering.

All of the items I picked out for this gift guide are amazing quality items. I definitely found more clothing items that I liked in Boa Boutique than in regular mall shops. Take a look through the boutique yourself to see what they have available this holiday season. Pick something up for someone on your list, and maybe a thing or two for yourself. I will definitely be returning and adding more to my closet. I hope this first gift guide instalment helps with your holiday shopping, or just shopping in general.