OOTD: Pretty in Pink Lace

kitsu pink lace dress

If you know my everyday styling tendencies, you will know that I usually stick with a black and grey colour palette. I am working on slowly introducing some new colours to my wardrobe for a bit of contrast. You may recall the blush pink moto jacket I recently added to my closet, introducing an element of soft pink. I am experimenting with more soft pastel tones with this outfit of the day.

kitsu pink lace dress details

The Pink Lace Dress

A lot of my wardrobe is comfy sweaters and a random selection of tank tops to help with layering. I do have a selection of dresses, but the number of dresses I feel confident with wearing these days is slimming down. This year I reignited my love of off the shoulder tops and it continues with the same style of dresses. This pink lace dress from Kitsu caught my eye in an instant and knew I had to see what it looked like on me. The lace detailing on the dress is absolutely marvellous! I love the design of this dress and the design featured in the lacework.

The ribbon detailing was an added bonus to add an additional feminine touch to the outfit as a whole. For how it fit, it was snug but comfortable. Tight enough to hug my body, but not in a way that it was uncomfortable in any way. I was wearing an extra small size and found it fit perfectly. This is a dress meant for a cocktail party or one with a lot of standing because when I went to put on my boots, there was definitely some tension that I knew I couldn’t bend too far.

shop kitsu pink lace dress

Adding a New Jacket to My Wardrobe

It was chilly outside and as we enter into the winter season we need outerwear. When it comes to jackets, I switch from sweaters to moto jackets to a parka. There really are no in-between options for me currently in my wardrobe. Until now! I have added this Vera Moda Pia Cala Jacket that I picked up at Kitsu as well. You can check out the jacket by clicking here! After wearing it for a few minutes I fell instantly in love with it. I do not own any jacket that resembles this jacket or anything in this camel-like shade. It is super comfy to wear and keeps me warm from the chilling winds.

What do you think of the dress and coat combination? Let me know in the comments! This is definitely a direction I am enjoying taking for shifting my wardrobe into a new direction.