Fight Pollution with the Skin Oxygen Collection from Biotherm

biotherm skin oxygen review

When it comes to your skin, you’re not always fighting your skin or other products you are putting on your skin. Sometimes you are fighting the elements in the air that could be damaging or harming your skin. The main point here is that pollution is not good for your skin. Pollution is not good for anything, but your skin just adds to the list. Biotherm has released their new Skin Oxygen collection of skin care that helps protect your skin from the harms of pollution. How? Keep reading to find out their mystery ingredient and products available.

The Mystery Ingredient: Chlorella

What is Chorella and what does it do? I’m glad you asked! Biotherm’s Skin Oxygen range is enriched with Chlorella and it is very beneficial to your skin. It is an algae found in fresh water. It has the abilities to rid fresh water of any impurities… all by itself! This detoxifying substance is able to pull the impurities from polution from your skin and helps remove it all together. It does contain chlorofyl, which helps provide it with that rich green colour, which is why the range is cleverly created with green elements with the packaging. On top of all of the benefits of Chlorella, this range goes down the normal route of skin care with the end result of fresh and radiant skin, minimizing pores, and more glorious promises. I was more than intrigued by this range and was more than willing to test it out when given the generous chance. Thank you Biotherm!

biotherm skin oxygen cleanser

Skin Oxygen Foaming Melting Gel

This Foaming Melting gel is the cleanser of the product range. As all the products, it contains the Chlorella algae to help depollute your skin. This lightweight gel cleanser dissolves into your skin as it suggests with “melting” in the title. It latches to the pollutants in your skin and removes them when you wash the product from your skin. Due to its light texture, it does not dry out your skin while working hard to cleanse. My sensitive skin has not had any negative reactions to this cleanser yet and I am excited to work this one into my routine now and then. As previously mentioned, I do have a normal cleansing routine, but I have a different cleanser in my shower and for different skin concerns depending on the day.

Skin Oxygen Oxygenating Lotion

This was one of the products that caught my attention the most when first looking through the collection. This is a “lotion”, which I thought to be a cream, but is actually a liquid substance that is nearly water-like. This generously sized bottle of oxygenating lotion is one of the first steps after cleansing due to its watery consistency. It helps by correcting imperfections caused by pollutants in the air around you. I have applied this both on a cotton pad like a toner or in my bare hands. As long as you can get this from your hands to your face without spilling it, you’re golden. There is a lot of promise for reduced pores, so I am looking forward to this result after continued use.

biotherm skin oxygen cooling gel review

Skin Oxygen Antioxidant Serum

Next up into the line-up, we’ve got the serum! This Antioxidant Serum is great for strengthening the skin and repairing any excess damage. What kind of damage? You guessed it: environmental damage caused by pollution. This serum helps to continue the detoxifying process while helping to strengthen your skin to face the day, or night, by soothing and smoothing your skin with continued use. This is when the products really start promoting the healthy and radiant complexion portion of the promises.

Skin Oxygen Cooling Gel

If you’re going to put on a moisturizer, why not make it look a little alien with this lime green cooling gel? The Skin Oxygen Cooling Gel says what it is in the name. This fresh, light, and cooling gel really adds a cooling element to your skin care as you apply it. This oil-free formula helps to build up the skin barrier by supplying intense, yet lightweight, moisture to your skin. It claims to help defend against pollution by reducing sebum and avoiding particles adherence. This moisture-rich gel helps bring back the luminosity to your skin and helps it keep fresh.

Will you be trying out any products from the Skin Oxygen collection? I think the price points for these products are very reasonable for the quality of product you receive. Kudos to you Biotherm on your amazing new product range!

biotherm skin oxygen lotion and serum